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Variety Show

And the Address, a program of strange, yet compelling music in a free-form setting. Entertaining and informative chatter, occasional guests and lots of surprises.


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Oct. 3 2013

AFM News Hour team member, Scott Owen, has compiled a thoughtful story about the 2nd anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Scott assembled interviews with local Occupy activists, reflecting while looking forward. The story is available here!

Jul. 18 2013

We ran out of time for this week's show, but we have the rest of Esther Manheimer's exerpt from the AFM News Hour available here!

Mar. 16 2012

Asheville based record/cassette (yes cassette!) label Bathetic ( proudly presents a triple release party March 17th (aye, Saint Patty's Day) at Izzy's Coffee Den. Local ambient legend Villages along with Merryl and Difference Clouds perform starting at 10pm.
Check out more about it from friend and colleague Justin Farrar via his award nominated article here -
Drone, electronic, ambient, noise - yeah it'll all be happening at this one !!

You better shine tonight Randy!

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