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Aug. 8 2012
Drugs are bad.

So the other day, while looking for a place to park, I came upon a guy dying in the middle of the street. I found out later that he didn't actually die, but he was pretty much dead when I got there. There were already a few other people on the scene. One was a man doing chest compressions on the dying guy. The other two people were self proclaimed "friends" of the dying guy. The reason for my skepticism of their friendship was because they were joking about the situation. Here was a guy dying, and here were his "friends" saying, "haha! Here you have it people! This is why you don't do bath salts!" I'm thinking to myself, "...?!" Maybe they had a crystal ball and knew he wasn't going to die. Or maybe they were also high on bath salts and couldn't care if they wanted to. Or maybe they were scared.

Anyway, my CPR certification is long expired, but I do remember the gist. A couple of times I mentioned mouth to mouth. Well, apparently mouth to mouth isn't cool anymore. Of course I wanted to be cool, so I didn't do it. I later regretted not doing more. Good thing he didn't die. At least I didn't laugh at him. Suppose I had done mouth to mouth. Do you think someone would have tackled me with the infamous slow motion "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"? I really just kinda wanted to kiss him. Seemed like the perfect opportunity. I guess I was just scared too. I'm not ready to come out of the closet. Apparently it doesn't really help that much and you get diseases.

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