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Post punk,Garage,Experimental,45s,Country,50s 60s 70s B sides,Soul,Psychedelic,Electronic,Genre-bending,Noise,Freeform Re-morphing and more!!!!!

Each new show is available to stream at your leisure any ol time till its replaced the following Tuesday via the Stream link; Listen tab (bellow)

Sir Bo Turbo Aka Robert Price sets forth what can only be described as an astringent decadent mind melt cocktail-haphazardly meshing Psychedelia, Funk, Euro Prog, Noise, obscure children's records, Kraut, Post punk, music of unknown ethnic time place or origin, 45s,LPs , (@#$?), art rock, musique concrète, metal, country, bubblegum and minimalistic bouts of experimentation into a cyclonic colonic blitzkrieg.

The show prominently features a segment called Singles going unsteady comprised of found-scratchy and often obscure 7' vinyl and B sides ei from Bo's personal rec collection,borrowed from Static Age, friends or rummaged from various thrift stores

>Randomly spinning these classic platters as well as the dregs irresponsibly but with extreme anally explosive fortitude

"Beyond the realm of comprehension" promises to make any chill lounge transform into an all out sex party…..minus the sex..or the chill


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Mar. 31 2015
#psychedelic,#experimental, #punk, #asheville,#45s, #soul,#garagerock, #obscure

Whallah its time time for another dam epi---sode of everyones favorite wonderfully despised and beloved radio show> BEYOND THE REALM OF COMPREHENSION

Open format in its truest sense

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Beyond the realm of comprehension streams Tuesday till next Tuesday

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HEAR--- CAVITY rippin a gut.

New reissue >60s Garage psyche by The Monocles.

Fred Wesley and the JBs
Classic funk groove by James Browns top backup players.

Forced into femininity
-Attack of 100 foot Lady Elaine Fairchild....Posh electro acid crux.

Jake Holmes
-The og version of Dazed and confused-Far more trippy b4 Led Zep stole it for their very own.

Old Smokey
-Athens alt alt alt modulating post country and everything it aint.

C-Ptak-The female part of Nautical Almanac-Circuit bent and wayward bound. Carlys a master at her art.

Bill Orcutt​
Raw reconstructive folk blues.New timey.

Voodoo, soul at its most uncompromising.Exuma was an intense lost treasure.

SIDE A of Dionysis Savvopoulous obscure experimental, greek, psyche. folk,prog release Ballos (honestly like nothing youve ever heard)

The Nice
Way before Keith Emerson was ripping up the charts w Emerson,Lake and Powell there was The Nice-Hear America from west side story get an acid fried prime evil treatment

ALL THIS AND MUCHO MORE..For you the cerebral expectant masses™

listen all week at your leisure
Beyond the realm of comprehension streams Tuesday till next Tuesday

click stream link listen

Yee Playlist-Proodin da pudding

Them Baby please dont go 7' Parrot
Charle De Goal Explosion Algorythmes New Rose
The Nice America Ars longa vita brevis columbia
Exuma Thirteenth Sunday Snake Kama Sutra
Cavity Drowning Human Abjection City of crime records
King Floyd What our love needs 7' Chimneyville
Montanas you dont know how I love you The spider the fly and the boogieman Guerssen
James chance and the contortions Dish it out No New york Antillies
John Lee Hooker Momma Poppa boogie Alone Specialty
Wire I should have known better Wire 154 WB
Dionysis Savvopoulous Ballos-Ermos Kaivarissto monopati-Ton Xero Aftona to horo-Oh!Pido Hooropido-Se touta ta valkana-Kileler- Ballos Lyra
The Last Objections La Explosion Bomp
The Marketts Richies theme 7' WB
Jake Holmes Dazed and confused Above ground sounds of Capital
Old Smokey The Transylvania effect Wester easter Cloud Recordings
Forced into femininity Party time Forced into femininity Human conduct records
Jean Christian Michel Prelude Musique sacree Riviera
Johnny Cash What is truth 7' Columbia
Packers Go head on 7' Pure soul music
The Eat Hialiah Hialiah 7' Jetterboy
Charlie Monroe and Bill Napier Springtime in heaven Grand ole opry hyminal King
Fred Wesley and the JBs Dam right I am somebody Dam right I am somebody People
Fly Ashtray Lunch problems Sawgrass subligette Nu gruv
Saything Loons Loons first1 to 3
Bill Orcutt Untiitled 257' Box set P
Lady God Nervous Talk 7' s/r
C Ptak you're your yore prepare ourselves here see
Krauss Shaking horse faster then the speed of time s/r

Mar. 23 2015
#psychedelic,#experimental, #punk, #asheville,#45s, #soul,#garagerock, #obscure

Tonight streaming weird freak radio at its most disjointed

I Robert Price of Kreamy 'Lectric Santa
am joined by guest-host musician, artist and dude with an incredibly diverse record collection

Matthew Marx

Wont you Join us for another fine episode of Beyond the realm of comprehension on Asheville FM

Streaming live tonight
Monday March 23rd @ 10pm Eastern---7 on the west coast-Others check your co-ordinates

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The show also streams all week starting Tuesday

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iphone and Androids (listen live) via the Tunein App

And now a little speil---Last weeks B Day show made me decide that itd be best to take the show in new and often juxtoposing directions. After all the show is called 'Beyond the realm of comprehension'.I found instead of sticking to specific formats. 45s for the 1st hour and open format for the 2nd. It was more fun mixing it all up.

Expect a wider span of everything under the sun interweaving from Garage, country,60s, punk, experimental and lots of inadvertant surprises.

Mar. 16 2015
#psychedelic,#experimental, #punk, #asheville,#45s, #soul,#garagerock, #obscure

Well all I want fo my 50th is all youse peepooolz to listen to tonightZ Beyond the realm of comprehension

Some 45s of the scratchy ancient ilk-blundering thru genres like formats never even exsisted

+ lotsa other things

Post punk, Experimental,country,60s,soul, garage, Ol timez y and psychedelic

Joining me for cake n swill and bringing along some party platters (vinyl) is friend -n-ol buddys Michael Faulkner and Andy Loebs


10pm to 12am Eastern

7pm to 9pm on the West coast

others chek ya co-ordinates

If ya using an iphone or Androit utilize the TUNEIN App (with no skippin back to the intro after 5 minutes)

Also if unable to listen tonight My B day radio party is streamin all week---Starting Tuesday Beyond the realm will stream for a full week at ya leisure (Tuesday till Tuesday)

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Your Presence is what I want fo moi B day

Sir BO

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