Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension

psychedelic,funk,country,krautrock,experimental,soul,noise,vinyl, porn
  • Tuesday 12-2pm
Post punk,Garage,Experimental,45s,Country,50s,60s,70s,B sides,Soul,Psychedelic,Electronic,Genre-bending,Noise,Freeform Re-morphing and more!!!!!

Listen to BTROC live Tuesday 12pm to 2pm-Each new show will be available to stream at your leisure any ol time till its replaced the following Tuesday via the Stream link; Listen tab (bellow)

Sir Bo Turbo Aka Robert Price, Krekel and Sir Man (rotate in the DJ seat) setting forth what can only be described as an astringent decadent mind melt cocktail-haphazardly meshing Psychedelia, Funk, Euro Prog, Noise, obscure children's records, Kraut, Post punk, music of unknown ethnic time place or origin, 45s,LPs , (@#$?), art rock, musique concrète, metal, country, bubblegum and minimalistic bouts of experimentation into a cyclonic colonic blitzkrieg.

>Randomly spinning these classic platters as well as the dregs irresponsibly but with extreme anally explosive fortitude

"Beyond the realm of comprehension" promises to make any chill lounge transform into an all out sex party…..minus the sex..or the chill.

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Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension 's Blog

Dec. 6 2016

Now is the time to get goods fer the children...

Nov. 29 2016

Today..."I believe it's Tuesday". I Sir Bo return to the madness 12pm-2pm lotsa of genre bending and some surprises. 12pm-2 n streaming all week starting wends.

Oct. 25 2016

Fall Fund Drive Week= Halloween= Krekel unleashes spooky hits for the whole 2 hour block! Just try and stop the madness! BlehArghaaahroarlblech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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