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Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension

psychedelic, funk,country,krautrock, experimental,soul,noise, vinyl, porn
  • Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
Post punk,Garage,Experimental,45s,Country,50s 60s 70s B sides,Soul,Psychedelic,Electronic,Genre-bending,Noise,Freeform Re-morphing and more!!!!!

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Sir Bo Turbo Aka Robert Price sets forth what can only be described as an astringent decadent mind melt cocktail-haphazardly meshing Psychedelia, Funk, Euro Prog, Noise, obscure children's records, Kraut, Post punk, music of unknown ethnic time place or origin, 45s,LPs , (@#$?), art rock, musique concrète, metal, country, bubblegum and minimalistic bouts of experimentation into a cyclonic colonic blitzkrieg.

The show prominently features a segment called Singles going unsteady comprised of found-scratchy and often obscure 7' vinyl and B sides ei from Bo's personal rec collection,borrowed from Static Age, friends or rummaged from various thrift stores

>Randomly spinning these classic platters as well as the dregs irresponsibly but with extreme anally explosive fortitude

"Beyond the realm of comprehension" promises to make any chill lounge transform into an all out sex party…..minus the sex..or the chill


Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension 's Blog

Jun. 30 2014
#moog,#garagerock,#psychedelia,#punk,#Gospel,#Asheville,#45s, #sex, #Country

Kracked Appalachia -Country-Gospel-Experimental-Soul-Garage-Punk-Rare 45s-N more-Streaming at ya leisure

On this episode of Beyond the realm of comprehension Joshua Holton will be my co host he has quite an interesting collection of old Gospel, Bluegrass and country records. I will have a vast assortment of other unrelated thangs as well

Found cassettes of a questionable nature- Musique non stop-The not so great American song book.......


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Jun. 23 2014
#moog,#garagerock,#psychedelia,#punk,#experimental,#Asheville,#45s, #sex, #kraut

Another week streamin' into ya werld Beyond the realm of Comprehension returns-On ya internet

Login info way bellow -READ ON!!!!!!

ISir Bo am joined by Morgan Stickrod an intensely prolific member of a multitude of past and present bands ei; playing guitar, bass, drums or vocals in Tulsa, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, Black Rainbow, Trainwreck Riders, Dark Rides, Clorox Girls, 50 Million,Unit Breed as well as a solo artist

He has lived the majority of his life in the Bay area- The last 5 years found him a resident of Asheville NC

Morgan has quite an interesting collection of rarities from SF -Stuff never released from old mission-era S.F., odds and ends from around the country. most of which have never seen the light of day

I (Sir Bo) got a massive bale of ol Soul, Country, Punk , B sides and experimental layers of varied weirdness that get ya mulshin az well

Live Monday 10-12pm East Coast

Love Monday 7 to 9 on the West Coast -

Others check ya timezones
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Jun. 16 2014
#Psychedelic,#experimental, #porn,#asheville,#punk,#45s,#krautrock,

Tonight on this here internet thingy some hot random 45s and lotsa rare jamz from limited rare cassettes and the ol inter space-Some inhabitants from the HAUS OF DAR

Streaming 10pm to 12am Eastern-7 to 9 on da West Coast-Other times other places or stream (Not live) starting Tues till Tues (Stream link:Listen)

For over 2 years (or less) The Haus of DAR has been a creative beacon for reckless youth- Here I am not using the term to describe a buncha trust fund crusties livin on Meth Napalm Death-Gwar-n dumpster dived Taco Bell meat stuff ™

In this 3 bedroom 900 sq. foot casa up thair in Biltmore-These boyz have been cookin up a stew of unbridled magical mad ass creativity

The end is Nigh
This is the last month the inhabitants of the DAR haus will inhabit

With multiple tape releases and labels galore - This is a sad thang

On any given night (at the aforementioned DAR residence) one is begrundeled by the juxtaposing sounds of The Rippingtons, Frank Zappa, Lawrence Welk, Genesis (70s-80s and P. Orridge) some god forsaken squeal all simultaneously plushY-ing one into a Roky Erickson plex and then theres their music..........

Fkt um....Pop?

Musique Concrete

Haphazard dance beats driven hard thru Karaoke machines

Discordant ambience

Forgotten tapes galore and layers upon layers of stuff piled on top of stuff and still more stuff

Im uncertain which Darites will be present- for the show-Thu Andy Loebs will be-perhaps Devin LeCroy maybe Jeff Lynne Its uncertain..... I beseech u the cerebral expectant listener to listen

To reiterate LIVE tonight MONDAY 10pm to 12am or not Live (Simply click the Listen Live tab)

or starting Tuesday any ol time till the shows replaced with next weeks mess the following Tues. (simply click the stream link:Listen tab)

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