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Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension

psychedelic, funk,country,krautrock, experimental,soul,noise, vinyl, porn
  • Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
Post punk,Garage,Experimental,45s,Country,50s 60s 70s B sides,Soul,Psychedelic,Electronic,Genre-bending,Noise,Freeform Re-morphing and more!!!!!

Each new show is available to stream at your leisure any ol time till its replaced the following Tuesday via the Stream link; Listen tab (bellow)

Sir Bo Turbo Aka Robert Price sets forth what can only be described as an astringent decadent mind melt cocktail-haphazardly meshing Psychedelia, Funk, Euro Prog, Noise, obscure children's records, Kraut, Post punk, music of unknown ethnic time place or origin, 45s,LPs , (@#$?), art rock, musique concrète, metal, country, bubblegum and minimalistic bouts of experimentation into a cyclonic colonic blitzkrieg.

The show prominently features a segment called Singles going unsteady comprised of found-scratchy and often obscure 7' vinyl and B sides ei from Bo's personal rec collection,borrowed from Static Age, friends or rummaged from various thrift stores

>Randomly spinning these classic platters as well as the dregs irresponsibly but with extreme anally explosive fortitude

"Beyond the realm of comprehension" promises to make any chill lounge transform into an all out sex party…..minus the sex..or the chill


Beyond The Realm Of Comprehension 's Blog

Oct. 20 2014
#moog,#garagerock,#psychedelia,#punk,#experimental,#Asheville,#45s, #sex, #kraut

“Stop chewing a hole through the bread bag. What if Krampus is leering through the window at you right now?”

Beyond the realm returns to whatever in what pertains to be a wild ride-Streaming right at cha all week @ ya leisure

Playing the finest in scratchy obscure obtuse klassic's,unheard oldies, soul, punk, strange, country,experimental, found sound, psychedelic, garage and what not

This weeks show is In celebration of Kristessween>

'granted not a real holiday (per 'se) but BTROC is not exactly firmly rooted in reality and everything that previously didn't exist at one time or another was thusly created'

As opposed to last weeks CristMessween this'll be a fine complementary somehow unrelated chapter in the anals of freeform streamin radio

Join us> Here


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to stream @ yer leisure all week starting Tues

Wont ya join me?

Oct. 13 2014
#moog,#garagerock,#psychedelia,#punk,#experimental,#Asheville,#45s, #sex, #kraut

ChristmEssween comes perhaps 3 (three) times a year.Lets celebrate in the scary (never ending) accumulation of stuff I must partake in to continue pelting----STREAMIN' yaal with new and odd 45s and other mediums

TONIGHT thanks to Steven Howard of AFMs Mental Notes I have accumulated a grand ol box of yard sale left behinds

A stack of country, 50s and some 70s stuff will be added to a bigga stack of punk, noise, soul and whatnot for YOU! -

The cerebral expectant masses™

- I will also be Joined tonight w co-host Carmelo Pampillonio who in turn has his own unique musical tastes to share w ya snaggly azzzes

Such az Donato Epiro, Jan Jelinek, Ash Ra Temple, The Necks n more

Listening is ez ei; Tune in @ home or work on da intercomputer via

Click listen live tonight or anytime all week click stream link: Listen (to listen not-live)

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Oct. 6 2014
#moog,#garagerock,#psychedelia,#punk,#experimental,#Asheville,#45s, #sex, #kraut

Hola all cerebral expectant masse(s) and welcome to yet another dam episode of 'Beyond the realm of comprehension™' streaming right on out to ya on this ol internet thingy

Tonight I will present you with a very special Labour day episode

Hear the finest in B sides-7's-45s-obscure scratchy classic oldies-Soul-Country-Experimental-Punk-Noise-Psychedelia-N more

12' LPS All ya favorites

Slits-Dionysis Savopoulos-Redbone-Mincemeat or Tenspeed-Lemon Pipers-Hickey-The wonder who?-Mamma Non Piangere-Sparks-Carl Butler and Pearl-ADDC-Della Reese-Yonatan Gat-Electric Bunnies-Frankie Ford-Prof Harold Boggs-XTC-Alice Cooper-2.3-Roy C and Linda Caver-Uzi Rash-Jim Eanes-Alan Vega-Music Machine-Con funk shun and mucho more


Simply click listen live tonight @10 Eastern (thats 7pm on the west coast-check your time bearings)

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