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May. 7 2013

Second Sky and Thomas Blondet "Remixes"

Posted by Ms. Amandi

No doubt we are a tad overdue here at Bombshell-ter Radio to love up on BR favorites > Second Sky of Washington D.C’s Rhythm and Culture Recordings Label. The label’s family tree roots back up to Thievery Corporation’s famed Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) so we’re all good there. Let’s recap:

Second Sky’s debut album “The Art of Influence” was released a year ago and magically ended up in our inbox shortly thereafter.

New music that magically appears in our inbox always excites us. So you can imagine how we felt when we reviewed the whole album and became quite taken with it. The D.C. based trio : singer/songwriter Billy Medina, bassist Wes Dilorio and drummer/producer Bill Lascek-Speakman have synergy together, no doubt about it. Medina’s milky vocals are h-o-t. Dilorio’s bass is low and Speakman’s beats are speaking a universal language. “Connect,” “Messenger,” and “Under The Line” make us go - boom.

A year later today, Second Sky and Rhythm and Culture label head Thomas Blondet have released “Remixes,” 17 tracks by : AM & Shawn Lee, Thievery Corporation, SiSe, Ancient Astronauts, Thunderball, Fort Knox Five and Nickodemus to name a few. Re-working tracks in novel ways only sounds easy. These boys make it look easy too. A must have for the summer lounge. Buy it here now.

We’ll be listening to the whole album this afternoon. Turn us on at 3PM EST today on Bombshell-ter Radio for our official Second Sky + Thomas Blondet “Remixes” listening party.

Second Sky’s new EP “Purpose” is projected to be done by June or so. Their full length album is slated for late summer/early fall. Big yays and can’t waits until then.

As always, thank you for turning me on. - Ms. Amandi

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