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Nov. 12 2016

TONIGHT 10p-12a You've had a rough week, no? Full of confusion, doubt, and stress. Please, decompress. Let your worries fade away as BAMN draws you two hours of radio relaxation, a bubble bath for the brain, still with a bit of pep in its step and swagger in its lather. Tune in and take a few moments of self care. You deserve it. BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Nov. 5 2016

TONIGHT 10p-12a Tune in and #WaxOn for two hours of some of the strangest, most surprising records I've ever encountered. From inspirational speeches to educational tools, un- or mis-labeled oddities, bargain bin gems, and beyond, BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY

Oct. 22 2016

TONIGHT 10p-12a the Dynomite Duo is back and ready to attack! Tune in and get set to come correct cuz we about to do what we do best BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY

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