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CLOSER TO THE EDGE is a "Prog Variety Show" playing the finest classic and modern Progressive music from around the world! Progressive Rock (or simply Prog) evolved in the late 60's/early 70's from Psychedelic music to elevate rock to new levels of artistry. Prog bands, then and now, push rock's technical and compositional boundaries by going beyond the standard rock or popular verse-chorus song based structures. Also, the arrangements often incorporate elements drawn from classical, jazz and world music. Long, multi-dimensional pieces are more common while songs with lyrics are sometimes conceptual, abstract, or based in fantasy. Musically, unusual time signatures are frequent as is orchestration and many 'movements' within one song. Prog bands sometimes use "concept albums" to tell an epic story or tackle a grand overarching theme. Sub-genres include Prog Folk, Progressive Metal, Jazz/Rock Fusion, Crossover Prog, Symphonic Rock, Psychedelic/Space Rock, International Prog and more. Classic bands include Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Renaissance, ELP, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Genesis, Rush, etc and modern bands include Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Anathema, Tool, Dream Theater, Marillion, Opeth, Riverside, Spock's Beard, Steven Wilson, etc. Great resources for Prog fans are:

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Aug. 22 2016
Prog, Progressive Rock, Pink Floyd, Opeth

This week hear tunes from Pink Floyd, Procol Harum and Todd Rundgren plus modern bands Lyrian, Eyevory, Ghost Medicine, Tiles, Emmett Elvin and award nominees Big Big Train, Haken, IO Earth, Caligula's Horse, Kylver, Dream Theater, Tom Slatter, Steven Wilson and brand new Opeth. JD also has a track from the reissue of Mother by Gilli Smyth, co-founder of Gong. Asheville Prog guitarist Arjuna ends the show. All happening on Thursday, August 25th, 2016 from 2-4pm live and then archived after at:

Aug. 15 2016

Class with the Professor of Prog commences on Thursday at 2pm! Hear the B-Side of Pet Sounds plus an incredible live version of the Yes classic Close to the Edge Plus cuts from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles PLUS a fantastic history lesson about the origins of Progressive Rock! Then head downtown at 8pm to hear Brian Wilson perform Pet Sounds in it's entirety on the 50th Anniversary of the most influential Rock album of all time. Russell Johnson of Political Alchemy guest DJ's hour two. Tune in Thursday from 2-4 pm EST and archive at:

Aug. 8 2016
Prog, Progressive Rock, Brian Wilson, Beach Boys

JD's got more nominees for Progressive Music Awards plus new additions to the Progressive Albums Chart plus A-Side of Pet Sounds. Hear from Lazuli, Hawkwind, The Anchoress, Steve Hackett, Knifeworld, The Claypool Lennon Delerium, Grand Magus, Irmin Schmidt, The Fierce And The Dead, Tarja, Public Service Broadcasting, Purson, The Mute Gods, Tiny Giant, Air and The Beach Boys. All coming your way on Thursday, August 11th from 2-4pm EST and archived after at:

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