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CLOSER TO THE EDGE is a "Prog Variety Show" playing the finest classic and modern Progressive music from around the world! Progressive Rock (or simply Prog) evolved in the late 60's/early 70's from Psychedelic music to elevate rock to new levels of artistry. Prog bands, then and now, push rock's technical and compositional boundaries by going beyond the standard rock or popular verse-chorus song based structures. Also, the arrangements often incorporate elements drawn from classical, jazz and world music. Long, multi-dimensional pieces are more common while songs with lyrics are sometimes conceptual, abstract, or based in fantasy. Musically, unusual time signatures are frequent as is orchestration and many 'movements' within one song. Prog bands sometimes use "concept albums" to tell an epic story or tackle a grand overarching theme. Sub-genres include Prog Folk, Progressive Metal, Jazz/Rock Fusion, Crossover Prog, Symphonic Rock, Psychedelic/Space Rock, International Prog and more. Classic bands include Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Renaissance, ELP, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Genesis, Rush, etc and modern bands include Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Anathema, Tool, Dream Theater, Marillion, Opeth, Riverside, Spock's Beard, Steven Wilson, etc. Great resources for Prog fans are:

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Closer to the Edge's Blog

Sep. 19 2016
Prog, Progressive Rock, Gong, The Beatles

JD has a track from the brand new Gong release, 'Rejoice! I'm Dead!' plus cuts from Prog bands playing at venues in Asheville this Fall. Also included this week will be old and new Tame Impala, Porcupine Tree, Gentle Giant, IQ, Zookeeper's Palace, Steely Dan, The Kevin Danneman Project, Genesis, Uriah Heep, Erik Norlander, David Cross Band, The Mantras and NEW The Beatles: Live At The Hollywood Bowl. Join in Thurs, September 22, 2-4pm EST and on demand therafter at:

Sep. 13 2016
Prog, Progressive Rock, Wham Bam Bowie Band, Project/Object, Yes

JD welcomes back Andre Chomondeley of the Wham Bam Bowie Band and Project/Object, who just returned from another Yes tour, where he serves as guitar tech for Steve Howe. Andre has traveled the world with many famous Prog legends. We will be giving away a pair of tickets to the Wham Bam Bowie Band concert at the Salvage Station on Saturday evening. In the show's second hour you will hear new live Dave Kerzner, Purson, Aisles, The Pineapple Thief, Cirrus Bay and Rian Adkinson, who will play the Sly Grog on Saturday nite! Wow! Tune in Thurs, Sept 15th from 2to4pm EST. On Demand thereafter at:

Sep. 6 2016

This week JD spins the winners of the Progressive Music Awards plus clips, soundtracks and scores from the original Star Trek series on the exact date, 50 years after the airing of the first episode, 'The Man Trap'. You'll also hear new music from Devin Townsend Project, Griot, Bruno Mansini, Purson and Coheed and Cambria PLUS classics from Emerson, Lake and Palmer and David Bowie. Asheville composer Chris Stack will end the show with a brand new and awesome re-recording of 'Xenography'. All this Thurs. Sept. 8th from 2-4pm EST live on 103.3FM + then on-demand!

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