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Here's the facts: we are on a beautiful ball of dirt that is hurtling thru space while some force totally beyond our ability to comprehend creates us, keeps us breathing, and will remove us. If we live to be 100 we have 36,500 days to enjoy it. Common Ground explores this reality and how to make the most of it with heart to heart excerpts from Prem Rawat's addresses to audiences all over the world, interviews, discussions and music - all coming from a desire to simply enjoy being alive. We are all in this together!!


Common Ground's Blog

Oct. 26 2014
Magic Within

The timeless message - "What you are looking for is within you".
Could it actually be true?
Tune into an awesome show today featuring great music and excerpts about what's really happening here. It feels good!.
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Oct. 18 2014
Peace is Dancing

Join us for a feel good hour of enlightening excerpts and great music. If we can just slow down for a bit we just might feel something really good!
Common Ground today at 1pm and all week long in the archives.

Oct. 12 2014
Feel good

Take some time today just for you - check out an awesome show designed to help you get in the moment and feel the feeling of just being alive - there is nothing like it!
Excerpts and music that can take you here now where the real fun lives!
Today at 1pm!

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