Crashing the Ether

crashing the ether

Sister Anne and Papa Wheelie host this shot of delinquent rawk! Their slew is a dangerous dose of riotous revolution, desperate rock and roll, mojo driven blues, R & B stomp, hillbilly nihilism, psychedelic freakout, and garage punk nuggets. Tunes are sidled by found sounds of film and television from double entendre-laced noir dialogue, 70s and 80s made-for-t.v. movies & b-movie camp you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. Like, square your connection and let’s crash the ether, baby!


Crashing the Ether's Blog

Jan. 14 2013

PW takes the seat this week with the soundtrack for an imagined segue from late night RnR sweat into the slow AM vaporfade of early morning. Freeway Night clubbing and corporate computer dreams. Meet me at the mall at 5:30.

Dec. 31 2012

Send 2012 packin' with Papa Wheelie tonight. I've picked my favorites that were released this year. Fuzzy magic carpet hallucinations and mauve jungle slow burners. Get pitted tonight at 5:30 it's going to be totally tubular.

Dec. 10 2012

Join us tonight as we take out the trash and put it on the turntable. New garage punk nuggets abound as well as some classic gems from way back. Sister Anne takes the night off so Papa Wheelie will be your guide through the fuzzy muck and sludgy dreams.
Tune in to Crashing the Ether tonight at 5:30–7:00.

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