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Join Dirk Flytrap and The Doctor every Tuesday evening from 6-8 pm on AshevilleFM. Listen as they explore the ins and outs of their musical existential crises. You never know what you will hear because inspiration strikes in strange places. Be sure to call in at 828.259.3936. You can also watch the show at www.bambuser.com/channel/fuzzybunny. Be our friend on Facebook.


Fuzzy Bunny Cuddle Time Hour's Blog

Jan. 6 2014

Hello, my fuzzy darlings. Due to an unfortunate illness, The Pfunk will not be manning the helm of The Mothership Monday night. Instead, your Fuzzy Bunny favorites will be taking over the "airwaves" from 8-10pm. Join Dirk Flytrap & The Doctor as we take you right out of the solar system on our Funkcycle.

May. 28 2013

It's hard to believe that it all boils down to this one night. Retiring can be liberating or down right confusing. As Mojo Nixon once said to me, "Dirk, if you don't retire, you can't have a comeback." So, from those insightful words, we exit stage left, and prepare for the next, big, Fuzzy, thing. I hope you can join us tonight. Please call in at 828.259.3936 between 6-8pm est to share your well wishes.

May. 14 2013

This is show 1 of 3 of "the long goodbye." Listen as Fuzzy Bunny prepares to go off into the sunset.

I see you.

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