In The Box

  • Friday 11am-1pm
Freeform 7” 45 RPM records

The 7-inch, The 45, The Single

In the Box is a show about 7” 45 RPM records.

Greg Cartwright and Whitney Shroyer's show about the little records with a big hole, and even bigger sound. Every Friday at 11am we present a wide range of sounds from our collective record libraries. Sometimes themed, sometimes not. Except for special occasions, always 45's.
You never know what’s in the box.


In The Box's Blog

Aug. 22 2016

This week's show Greg is solo and it's garage 45's all the way.

Jul. 28 2016
dudes with records play at radio!  film at 11 -1!

Tomorrow - a very special In the Box! With Greg still out of town and Dr. Filth sick of pulling records out of his stacks, two ringers are being brought in to keep things wild and weird in the world of the wee wax. Jon Kirby, Numero Group assemblator and Wax Poetics scribe, and Dave Tompkins, author of many obfuscations and eye openers, including the famous How to Wreck a Nice Beach, are just about the only DJs adaptor-headed and fortyfivey enough to take over the selector position for the ordinary hosts of ITB. With Dr. Filth refereeing, the insular nerdchatter will be as dense as the saturated weirdness that will no doubt permeate the grooves. It should be a wild time. Also: Jon 'n' Dave will be filling in for Greg at the Double Crown that night.

Not to be missed.

Oct. 8 2015

The second episode of In the Box is the first with co-host Greg Cartwright! We'll be playing Smokey Johnson, the Nitecaps, a surprising Stan Kenton b-side and much more - you never know what's in the box until it's on the table.

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