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May. 11 2011

Prepare yourself my children. Todays show shall melt your ears right off your noggin! We will reveal several new sponsors, hear from some dead people, listen to all the newest sounds, and walk around with our pants off. Also, There will be cookies!

Apr. 20 2011

You're probably thinking that because today is 4/20 that I will be doing some sort bog-water soaked hippie-dippy extravaganza, and you would be wrong. This is a family show and I don't go in for that kind of crap. So tune in, sit down and keep your big yapper shut!

Mar. 16 2011

Tune into your favorite show of shows at 4pm today to learn some things about stuff, and wallow in the pure aural joy of some very fine music that I am going to put right in your brain via the intersection of the tympanic membrane and the auditory nerve. An internet connection is required pants, however, are not.

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we can find the worlds most wanted man without even seeing him, yet I can't listen to past shows by shad marsh ......

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