Mama Roux's New Orleans Gumbo

  • Saturday 3-5pm

Congo Square, Storyville, Dixieland, rock n'roll, jazz, R&B, boogie, brass, funk, Mardi Gras and even funerals all add spice to Mama Roux's New Orleans Gumbo as she takes us on a musical journey through one of the world's most beloved cities.


Mama Roux's New Orleans Gumbo's Blog

Aug. 22 2015

Art is inspired by what happens in the world. Katrina sure had that effect on New Orleans' musicians. Join me today as I play some of the best of Katrina inspired music as a tribute to the survival of the Crescent City and it's gifted musicians.

Aug. 15 2015

Join me today to see how different musicians put their spin on some classic New Orleans tunes in what I call "Re-Arrangements"!

Aug. 8 2015

Selections from new music and "new to me" music from New Orleans including Galactic, Lonely, Lonely Knights, Dee Dee Bridgewater & Irvin Mayfield and more!

Just discovered your show today. What a treat! Thanks for offering something unique to Asheville.

Love your show. Thanks for telling the world all the fine things about our lovely city. NEW ORLEANS-PROUD TO CALL IT HOME!


Love the show. Keep up the good work, telling the world about our lovely city. Wouldn't want to live anywhere else. New Orleans-LOVE TO CALL IT HOME!


Thanks! I'll have come in for a visit soon!

We love your show at Bean Werks.

Love the show!!!! Keep up the awesome playlists and all of the great history points!!! xoxoxo Ellie

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