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Experimental, genre defying music for all ages and from all ages. Pretty much anything is fair game here but there is an emphasis on minimal electronics of the non-dance persuasion as well as post-classical, between-the-cracks rock and some good ol’ time Musique Concrete when I can find it. We’ll also give emphasis to new releases when they come in. Non serious music for the academic listener.


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Jul. 18 2015

Mercury Records created an offshoot label in the late 60's called Limelight to give attention to many very well known jazz artists of the day like Art Blakey, Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Roland Kirk and a slew of others. Something happened though in the later part of the 60's and all that promptly stopped. Suddenly Limelight started releasing much more obscure works by experimental and avant garde composers seldom heard in the day but now considered influential. For a few short years the label released works by the likes of Mauricio Kagel, Pierre Henry, Ruth White, Beaver and Krause's first record and various others. It's a bit of a mystery why and how all that happened but then suddenly things went into a tailspin releasing some pretty erratic rock and ultimately ending with a completely cheeseball Moog record called, "Electric Love".

We'll sample some of the experimental works as well as a couple electro-acoustic pieces. We'll even play a wild musique concrete piece by the French pioneer, Pierre Henry.

Also interspersed through out this array of obscurities we'll sample some of the newer releases that has recently busted through our doors.

Jul. 11 2015

On tonight’s Melody in Mayhem we’ll dab into the rock section more than we normally do digging up mostly new works by artists stretching the confines of the music that seems to make the world go ‘round these days. We’ll start with a piece from Andy Hawkins from The Anthology of Noise and Music, we’ll sample the awesome new album from Algiers as well as Godspeed You! Black Emperor and a bunch more.

We’ll end the evening with an amazing work from the New Zealand artist Anna (Annea) Lockwood who has performed on burning pianos, piano’s sinking into water, moss covered piano’s as well as a variety of nonmusical instruments. More recently she has released a series of ambient records of the sounds of various waterways around the world. We’ll play side two of her first release from 1970 entitled “The Glass World” where most of the glass she works with is found on the floors of factories, lab. floors and anywhere else she can find something of interest. Non of the glass is treated or altered.

Jul. 4 2015

New release highlights:

Philippe Petit

An album of controlled madness from this French sound artist where he uses voice and kazoo along with homemade instruments as well as other musical and nonmusical items in an engaging way. Acoustically-psyched-out with organic and human sensibilities.

Heitor Alvelos

Longtime collaborator and artist with the Dutch label Touch has his first official release of low end bass drones that may shake the walls but will also put you in a trance like state. With the sound sources recorded over the last four decades, this is considered and autobiographical album by the artist. A delectable release.

Haves & Thirds

New vinyl release from what I believe is a duo engaging stolen vocals taken from various sources run through and under echo laden guitar and keyboards. Not exactly drone or noise or art for that matter but it is sure is something.

Repeat playing of an amazing Russian work from the early 20's.

Arseny_Avraamov , “Baku: Symphony of Sirens”

We played this a while back and for some demented reason I thought the Fourth of July is as good a time as any to play it again. This is Avraamov’s masterpiece that at various times would engage entire cities as performers in celebration of the dawn of industrialization in the early twenties. This specific rendition was performed in the city of Baku.

For the fascinating liner notes to this wildly beautiful work go here:

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