Melody in Mayhem

  • Friday 11pm-Saturday 2am

Experimental, genre defying music for all ages and from all ages. Pretty much anything is fair game here but there is an emphasis on minimal electronics of the non-dance persuasion as well as post-classical, between-the-cracks rock and some good ol’ time Musique Concrete when I can find it. We’ll also give emphasis to new releases when they come in. Non serious music for the academic listener.


Melody in Mayhem's Blog

Nov. 7 2015

Thanks to all and everyone who dipped into their pockets and gave what they could to help Asheville FM stay strong and continue to grow. For those that couldn't, thanks for the moral support and for listening. You'll still get the best Asheville has to offer in community based radio.

In turn, I did something a little different in this installment of Melody in Mayhem as a celebration of sorts for our first ever fall fund drive that ended so successfully. Through out the three hour show I'll feature various tracks from the new Laurie Anderson release, "The Heart of a Dog". Watch for the movie that will be coming to Asheville very soon.

We also had our usual smattering of new releases as well including, Simon Scott, the percussion/ trombone duo, Tarana, the Swiss composer/performer Israel Quellet, The Necks and more.

And, as far as I'm concerned we ended in the most gratifying way possible with a heavy dose of musique concrete from the likes of François-Bernard Mâche & Warner Jepson

Oct. 31 2015

Enjoy these three hours that are filled with vampires of musique concrete', a fatal bus crash, a public eyesore, worldly monsters and a load of new beasts.

Happy Halloween all!

Sep. 12 2015

In tonight’s 9\11 show we play two songs dedicated to the WTC bombings. One by Steve Reich as played by the Kronos Quartet and the other by Scott Walker with the help of a make believe Elvis.

As we’ve been playing some new works that center around the banjo I brought in a piece by St. Paul resident Paul Metzger who alter’s everything he plays. Here he uses a 23 string banjo and the sounds he gets out of this thing is pretty crazy. Ever hear a bowed banjo before? We’ll also play another track from the beautiful new Andrew Tuttle record as well as the original banjo wrangler himself, Eugene Chadboure.

We’ll also listen to more Robert Crouch who we’ve been digging the hell out of and whom compares nicely with Richard Chartier, Tim Hecker, Loren Chase and others.

We’ll also delve into an improvisational oud piece from one of the craziest records to come in so far in 2015 by Alan Sondheim/Azure Carter/Luke Damrosch.

Along with some other new releases we’ll play an ever so subtle piece for quartet from the Polish composer, Krzysztof Penderecki composed in 1964 and a seldom heard piece from Laurie Spiegel that was not on her recent double disc retrospective, The Expanding Universe. Composed in 1979 she considers this work her most successful microtonal composition.

Hey, it only took me two months to get back to you! Thanks. I try to have fun. Where are you?

great show! love the mix of weirdness and beauty contained within.

thump thump, is this thing on? listening ... yes

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