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Experimental, genre defying music for all ages and from all ages. Pretty much anything is fair game here but there is an emphasis on minimal electronics of the non-dance persuasion as well as post-classical, between-the-cracks rock and some good ol’ time Musique Concrete when I can find it. We’ll also give emphasis to new releases when they come in. Non serious music for the academic listener.


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May. 23 2015

On this week’s M ‘n’ M we delve into some new as well as some old.

The “new” includes the likes of French DJ/producer/Experimenter/editor, etc, Philipe Petit, Norwegian artists Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus and an excerpt from the two hour modern opera by Ghost Against Ghost.

In the “old” category we have Richard Grayson & Tom Oberheim’s 1974 release that involves Grayson improvising on piano while Oberheim uses his own electronic devices to accompany Grayson’s classical based work.

Also a work by the American composer, author and pioneer of interactive music systems, Joel Chadabe. This 1977 album is based on computer-generated accompaniments for spirituals sung by Irene Oliver. A unique and moving work like nothing you’ve heard before.

May. 9 2015

We have a show filled with new releases tonight of the experimental nature such as Aphex Twin’s, “Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2”, Triac’s, “Days”, Ryan Huber’s, “Akharon” and a slew more. We will also feature some works that have a slightly older origin but carry a powerful impact:

Of all Thomas Köner’s twelve solo releases this is the first to feature an “actual” instrument. His take on such instrument’s is that they were made long ago by instrument makers who’s inherent drive was to make something that would please the Monarch. “The fearful, pathetic devotion built into the instruments and there sound makes them unusable on many levels.”, he declares. This album came to be as Köner visited the apartment of his deceased Grandmother. Alone, saddened and lost he sat at her piano and using his phone began to record. “Tiento De Las Nieves” is his first solo release in more than two years. This “autopsy” of the spatial and temporal properties of the piano is a captivating meditation on the longing in the life of sound. We will hear close to an hour’s worth of this 67 minute composition.

We will also play a 1999 composition by Japanese composer, Somei Satoh entitled, Kisetsu. Satoh is primarily self taught and his compositions evoke a curious fusion of Japanese timbral sensibilities with 19th century Romanticism, electronic technology and the teachings of Shintoism and Zen Buddhism.

May. 2 2015

Harry Bertoia is probably most widely known for his Diamond Chair as well as other furniture he created but he also worked in visual art, sculpture and jewelry. His work evolved, by accident into an obsession with the aural aspect of materials he used. Many of his sound sculptures were used to create 11 albums that he released himself.

Bertoia's 100th birthday would've been this last March. In honor Important Records will be releasing a CD box set of all of his 11 Sonambient recordings.

We'll get a little jump on things by playing one of his vinyl recordings on tonight's show along with various other new things and a 1958 recording of sound archivist Tony Schwartz adopting his first dog.

To find out more about Bertoia's work and life go to the Bertoia Foundation's website established by his daughter and son:

If you can find issue #375 of Wire magazine with Roscoe Mitchell on the cover there is also an in-depth article about Bertoia's work and life with many new pictures.

To see a YouTube documentary on him go to:

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