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Experimental, genre defying music for all ages and from all ages. Pretty much anything is fair game here but there is an emphasis on minimal electronics of the non-dance persuasion as well as post-classical, between-the-cracks rock and some good ol’ time Musique Concrete when I can find it. We’ll also give emphasis to new releases when they come in. Non serious music for the academic listener.


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Apr. 25 2015

Along with our usual gathering of new releases we’ll smatter older material though out such as Planet Gong, The Godz, Maybe Mental, Morgan Fisher and more. The highlight though maybe a few commercial themes by the English born composer Eric Siday who’s career expanded greatly once he moved to the US.

Beginning in London at the age of 14, Siday quickly launched himself into jazz as a violinist. He had his own show on the BBC soon thereafter. Once he moved to the United States he caught the attention of the big band great, Fred Warring who employed Siday as an arranger for his music. Overtime Siday began to experiment with electronic music where he is widely considered to be the first to use electroacoustic music in the realm of television. He gained huge financial rewards for his commercial themes as well as his electronic ‘sound logos’ for various entertainment companies such as CBS, ABC and Columbia. He also developed a musical version of the Rorschach Test and is known as one of the pioneers of Psychoacoustics within architecture. He was key in the growth of 20th Century music and helped Bob Moog in the development of his synthesizer as well as commissioning Moog to develop a synthesizer/percussion instrument.

Tonight we’ll here some of his commercial and industrial themes.

Apr. 18 2015

Some new and very cool CD's just walked through the door this week and we'll get to some of those in this week's Melody in Mayhem.

-Tashi Dorji, "Appa"-Asheville's area guitarist on Asheville's Bathetic records. Think Derek Bailey and John Fahey with classical undertones. Very cool stuff.

-Silo Homes, s/t-Extended pieces of electronic, drone experimentalism. A virtual unknown with polish and vision.

-M. Ostermeier, "Still"- Bends and shapes sound like none other. Third release solo. Fifth solo release and third on Baltimore's, Tench Records.

We end something quite curious. A piece commissioned by the tuba player, Roger Bobo for Morton Subotnick. "The First Dream of Light" uses a "ghost score," a silent tape containing electronic triggers that change the pitch, timbre, and overall shape of the sound without the player's input, creating here a tuba note that shakes and shivers, and hints of vocals that mimic the instruments. Bobo at his most experimental.

Oct. 4 2014

Ran out of time so didn't get to talk much about the crazy organ piece we ended tonight's show with.

It was the Seattle born composer, William Boclom who is most widely known for his work with his wife, the mezzo-soprano, Joan Morris.

This work is fun, challenging and dramatically experimental. It is also pretty easily found.

For more information on Bolcomb go here:

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