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Mental Notes is a free-form mix from past and future. Saturdays 1 - 4 pm. Genre hopping host plays a free-form mix of obscure & familiar, new and recent discoveries.

If you miss it live, catch the archive: . Clanging the Death Knell of commercial tedium since 1988.

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Aug. 3 2016

Steve here of Mental Notes inviting you to tune in to Flytrap this Friday at Midnight for a chance to be our guest at Wrecking Ball Atlanta. One lucky winner will get to see either the Saturday or Sunday line up on us, your friends at Asheville FM.
Headliners include L7, Dinosaur Jr., Deerhunter, Juliet Lewis and the Licks, and the return of The Julie Ruin! For full line up visit . Listen to Avel Veeta for your chance to win!

Jul. 22 2016

Tune into Sounds Like Food Saturday from 1-3PM
Scheduled to speak with Trevon is Michael Gira of Swans
Swans play the Orange Peel Saturday night.

Mar. 6 2016

Today on The Lost Cause, my guest will be Mike Andersen. I saw Mike perform at Sly Grog last week! I was reminded of early Daniel Johnston! Let's find out together whether this guy should be making records!

Listening to last week's 'Gun' show. Awesome/obscure stuff! I got to see You Am I open for Soundgarden in Atlanta back in '94. Also got to see Cul De Sac back in '05 or '06. Hadn't heard them in years. Good show!

digging your mix tonight Steven! how about some No Trend?

Which came first? chicken or the egg

Thanks for re-broadcasting the Swans show - one of the best shows I've seen.

Right on Joe- never notice those things...

glad to hear your show today, Steven

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