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Mental Notes is a free-form mix from past and future. Sunday's 6 to 9am. Genre hopping host plays a free-form mix of obscure & familiar, new and recent discoveries.

If you miss it live, catch the archive: . Clanging the Death Knell of commercial tedium since 1988.

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Mar. 6 2016

Today on The Lost Cause, my guest will be Mike Andersen. I saw Mike perform at Sly Grog last week! I was reminded of early Daniel Johnston! Let's find out together whether this guy should be making records!

Jun. 21 2015
On The Beach

Click this to hear this week's Mental Notes archive! Songs about dads, family, summer, protest, gettin' some, science fiction, Neil Young beatin' up Donald Trump, the best PSA about Drinking & Driving ever, The A Bomb, Amusement parks, fashion, cool drinks and so much more!

Mar. 15 2014

Yes, you heard me. What better way to celebrate the approval of our LPFM licence application than a show about psychedelic apocalyptic doomsday death cults from beyond the moon?(that's probably a rhetorical question)
Whether your bag is Jesus or Xenu, Satan or Stan, there'll be plenty of choice cuts here for you. The fun starts at 7pm (EDT). Tell your friends

Listening to last week's 'Gun' show. Awesome/obscure stuff! I got to see You Am I open for Soundgarden in Atlanta back in '94. Also got to see Cul De Sac back in '05 or '06. Hadn't heard them in years. Good show!

digging your mix tonight Steven! how about some No Trend?

Which came first? chicken or the egg

Thanks for re-broadcasting the Swans show - one of the best shows I've seen.

Right on Joe- never notice those things...

glad to hear your show today, Steven

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