Mission Control

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Space flight navigation with dark wanderings through endless fields of ancestral clusters . Code-breakers welcome. Sometimes, there will be interviews. Other times, the will be nothing but darkness and space. Mission Control will, however, remain in contact with you for the entire duration of the flight.


Mission Control's Blog

Aug. 14 2012

Systems Report: Flight navigation from the static acidplanet seems to cause a sort of time jump wherein hours are lost and transmissions are scrambled. Commander says that this is similar to Earth event Y2K. Somehow, the slot of midnight causes the computer to run amuck. If given the proper instruction, I woud fix this from the control panel. What is to be done? Mission Control inquiry pertaining to flight 081412. over.

Aug. 7 2012

somehow, the mission flight080712 has experienced a total communication transmission failure, all systems are standing by...
i am unable to locate the documents with the flight coordinates.
i am unable to find the mission control audio data obtained from flight080712

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