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Equipment Needs (Updated On January 3, 2012)

For us to do pre-recorded shows off-air,  we need to finish outfitting Studio B, a production facility. Studio B will also function as a training and backup studio. The following is a list of our current audio chain needs. I’ve given new examples where I could, but if you have some older equipment that you think might work, we’ll be VERY happy to take what you have to offer.

microphones  – Shure SM58S or similar (studio mics) + a condensor mic for remote broadcasts (e.g. an AKG Perception 170)

mic clips (4) – generic is ok, but we could use one of these shockmounts for a SM58

studio monitor speakers (we’re making do with some less than durable ones in Studio B at this second) – JBLs or good stereo speakers (8″-10″ woofer) bookshelf size, two sets

compressor/limiter rack units (a couple like these Alesis boxes)

XLR and 1/4″-phone cables (and also just cable ends)

rackmount power amplifier for studios – 100 watts or so (e.g. this Alesis or this Art)

headphone distribution amp (like this Rolls)

rackmount CD-players (2) – we would like balanced XLR outputs (like the Denon or Stanton), but we will take unbalanced RCA outputs, if you have a rackmount deck

CD-recorder – rackmount, like this Marantz

studio cassette tape deck – got a nice old Nakamichi, TEAC, Tascam, or similar lying around?

Technics SL-1200 series turntables – We have two on loan. We need our own. Also, if you have cartridges and/or styli for these, we can always use them.


On now on to the computer front:

Desktop computers. If you have a computer that’s less than 5 years old, there’s a very good chance we can use it. Get in touch with us.

Video card (AGP and PCI-Express) capable of driving two (2) seperate LCD monitors. We need to set up a dual monitor system in each studio.  When upgrading a machine, send us your old video card? 

LCD Multi Monitor stand to hold two (2) LCD panels side by side.

LCD screens, 20, 21, 22 or 23 inch wide screen format preferred. However any 15 inches and up are useable. We don’t have that much space. We can’t use any more CRT screens.

Memory sticks for PCs (512mb or larger), DDR RAM PC2700 or PC3200 (SDRAM).

Sound cards – PCI or USB, should be at least Creative Soundblaster quality or higher, for auditioning/cueing.


Got something else you think we might use? Shoot us a line.




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