Show Review: Landlady 3/3/2017 The Mothlight

Back on the first Friday in March, Jay & I went to see Landlady at The Mothlight. We had listened to their new album, The World is a Loud Place, when it came in a few weeks ago on the Hometapes label. The promo from Tiger Bomb boasted that this album sounded like nothing else ever, which isn’t true, but when we hit play I did hear this lovely layered sound topped with beautiful vocals and interesting “big question” lyrics. Each melodic twist and turn a pleasant surprise - TV on the Radio and Talking Heads indulging their proggiest instincts at the same time.

Giant Giants was the opener. I hadn’t heard any of their music before seeing them live, and they did not disappoint. I found their brand of psych pop surprisingly dancey. For the second half of the set they all switched instruments with three of them playing percussion. I have soft spot for multi-instrumentalists who switch it up on stage. About that same time the room started to fill up. The increasing energy of the music pairing with the increasing number of people, was the perfect set-up for the headliner.

It’s a good thing Landlady was playing The Mothlight. It’s one of my favorite rooms in Asheville, because the sound is just so good. Jonathan, running the soundboard last Friday, did a fabulous job with Landlady’s complex, art rock, prog-leaning sound. The band was well rehearsed and super tight, and the lead singer, Andy Schatz’s vocals sounded just as luxurious as they did on the album. I could easily identify each band member in the mix. For me this is especially important for a band like Landlady with its interesting and complicated compositions.

All in all it was a great night of live music. As a side note for those who get there early for shows, The Mothlight has been building up their roster of multiplayer arcade games in the back gallery, including TMNT, NBA Jam, Tetris and more. It just makes the venue that much better to hang out at before the show.

- Juliet Clawson (aka Mrs. Jaybird) Co-Host of UPT Mondays 7-10pm

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