In the Drift playlist for 06/26/2011

Artist Title Album Label Comment
Cankun Congo Mobile Disco Jaguar Dance Not Not Fun
Imaginary Softwoods Crystal Pond The Path of Spectrolite Amethyst Sunset
Deep Magic Crystal Visions (a) Crystal Visions Deep Tapes
Keith Fullerton Whitman Twin Guitar Rhodes Viola Drone (For Lamonte Young) Antithesis kranky
Keith Fullerton Whitman Obelisk (For Kurt Schwitters) Antithesis kranky
Radio People Unconscious -> That Deep Desire Avalon Centre
Mist Twin Lanes House Spectrum Spools
Racooo-oo-oon a1 Racooo-oo-oon Not Not Fun
Quiet Evenings Manna from the New Age Intrepid Trips Hooker Vision
G.W.A. narrow garrets / leveling floor songs callow god
Jóhann Jóhannsson The Cause Of Labour Is The Hope Of The World The Miner's Hymns 130701
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