Riffin' playlist for 01/03/2013

Artist Title Album Label Comment
Robert Plant I'm In the Mood for a Melody
Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression
Tame Impala Music to Walk Home By Lonerism
Berlin No More Words
Roberta Flack Compared to What First Take
Annie Annie (the musical)
Patti Page Allegheny Moon Greatest Hits
Lucas Lucas with the Lid Off
Us3 Cantaloop
Al Green What am I gonna do with myself Green is Blues
Toto Roseanna Toto IV
Dead Weather Are Friends Electric Horehound
The Evens Architects Sleep The Odds
Foo Fighters Down in the Park The Colour and the Shape
Robert Mitchum Ballad of Thunder Road
Lionel Ritchie You Are Lionel Ritchie
Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin
Grand Funk Railroad Inside Looking Out Grand Funk

Happy New Year 2013! Bad bumper music. Poorly represent by radio: Grand Funk Railroad.

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