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Do you feel heard? Are your tastes & sensibilities well-represented in everyday media? Me neither. I'll do my best to share what's soothing my gaping cosmic wounds. Join me and usually a guest for talks and tunes for and from glorious underdogs, focused hermits, ecstatic kooks--fringe friends everywhere. Be it sounds from nether motherlands, digital gnashing you can dance to, or chats with various eccentrics, we hope you find respite here and feel free to get queerer with each listen.


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Mar. 12 2017

Dr. Mark Gibney is a political science professor at UNCA and the (inaugural) Raoul Wallenberg Visiting Chair at the Faculty of Law at Lund University in Sweden! Tonight he is live in the studio to talk human rights, movies (check out his book Watching Human Rights: The 101 Best Films), and take some calls. We might even discuss the harrowing details behind the political science dataset the Political Terror Scale, which he co-created in the 80s to quantify state-based human rights violations. This is an episode not to be missed! Thanks for your listenership!

Mar. 27 2016

I met Zack at a Black Lives Matter meeting about a month ago and was struck by his poetic eloquence and profound presence. I am looking forward to our conversation this evening as we talk about his formative experiences, healing, and his various ways of working toward transformation, be it through writing, teaching, singing, or just by being his rad, honest self.

Robert 'Zack' Zachary was born in Anniston, Alabama, both chronologically and geographically close to the onset of the great Civil Rights Movement. His hometown was the site of several conflicts over the three decades. His life long commitment to activism began at 11 when he entered the Civil Rights Movement. Zack had the extreme honor of meeting Martin L. King Jr at age fifteen. He continued his studies on freedom through college, in the military and throughout Europe.

Zack is an Independent Chaplain, an Inspirational Poet, Storyteller, Vocalist, Visionary and Activist. He endeavors to combine life, music, poetry, history and storytelling in his presentations, lectures and concerts; with a positive and holistic perspective on how we will win our fight for freedom, justice and peace. Zack established the Healing Love Institute to be a worldwide community collective of like-minded people for the purpose of mentoring and encouraging development of these subjects into purpose and reality. He presently lives between Asheville and Atlanta and is preparing a book tour in early spring of 2016.

Nov. 21 2015

Looking forward to having Kristen Aldrich of local experimental theatre Anam Cara and improv group No Regets Comedy fame! She is an exuberant, intelligent, talented, hardworking woman and am looking forward to getting to chat with her!

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