Bowditch Bowditch


I was born in Boston and grew up in Idaho. Began playing guitar and banjo in high school. Served in US Naval Security Group(lntel) in the Philippines. Formed group and played at naval bases in San Miguel and Subic Bay. Majored in history at Shimer College (University of Chicago), studied classical guitar while at Shimer.

As a bandleader and musician (lead guitar/vocals) in New York City I played many venues such as the US Open, Music at Shea Stadium, the Beacon Theater, CBGB's and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prior to moving to Asheville in 2008, I taught at Filomen D'Agostino Greenberg School of Music at Lighthouse International (blind and visually impaired students), and Greenwich House Music School, both in Manhattan. My teaching experience includes single lessons, groups, directing workshops and ensembles, coaching bands, and performance coaching. My students have ranged in age from children through mid 80's. I instructed Tim Blake Nelson in standup bass and banjo for his role in the film "0
Brother, Where Art Thou?"

I ran an antique store in Manhattan from 1984 to 1997 as manager, buyer, and salesperson. I did repairs and restorations for many types of antiques and collectibles.

In Asheville, I have worked for the US Census Bureau from December 2008 till the present as Clerk, Crew Leader for Training (interviewing and instructing trainees for field work in Western North Carolina counties), Crew Leader, and Enumerator for all the different canvassing and quality control Census operations.

In July through September of 2010 I worked as a field interviewer for the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) on the REACH program, run by the CDC, interviewing Cherokee respondents on the Cherokee reservation as part of a study of lifestyles, diet, smoking,and especially, diabetes and its effects.

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