dr hyenadr hyena


DJ dr. hyena has served as "sign-a-waiver-sawbones" for some of the finest scavenger vessels afloat; cutting his teeth in 2001 with peoples' pirate station KFAR 93.9fm (Knoxville First Amendment Radio).

For 9 uninterrupted months in 2002, the bad doctor successfully hosted local pirate legend FRA 107.5fm (Free Radio Asheville) from a west-side hill over scenic Waynesville Ave.

But he swears he's 100% legit now, ever since 2003-2004 when he boarded the licensed, FCC compliant community radio station WRFL 88.1fm (All the Way to the Left) in Lexington, KY, with his break-in show, "Pirate Legit".

And now, after clinging to a chunk of driftwood for over a decade, dr. hyena's sunfried, fish-gnawed, waterlogged & giggling carcass has been hauled up onto the freshly swabbed deck of AVL 103.3fm.

What could go wrong?

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