Kimberly RoneyKimberly Roney


Born and raised in South Carolina, Kimberly moved to Asheville with her husband Nathanael in the fall of 2006. She has a BA in Music, with a concentration in Music Industry, from James Madison University. Kimberly works at The Mothlight, teaches private piano lessons in her home with some of the coolest kids on the planet, and volunteers at AshevilleFM. Having had the pleasure of working at Harvest Records, Desoto Lounge, Ben's Tune-Up, The Admiral, The Magnetic Field, and The Inn on Biltmore Estate, she also plays music in a couple bands from time to time, including keys for Rodriguez, Don Howland's Bassholes, The Family Swaggards, and Rip & Run with Keith Minguez.

Independent, community radio one of her passions—she loves getting folks excited about free speech! Here’s where Kimberly's been so far…

2009-2017 103.3 AshevilleFM
Producer - Reel Talk with Marc McCloud of Orbit DVD
Producer - The Wild Gardener with Peter Loewer
Producer - Tierra Del Cielo in collaboration with WNCAP
Former Director - Board for Friends of Community Radio 2009-2016
Former Station Manager 2013-2015
Former Producer & Correspondent - AFM News Hour

2007-2009 WPVM-Asheville
Program Committee, Co-Music Director, DJ

2004-2006 WRIR-Richmond
DJ, News Production

2000-2004 WXJM-Harrisonburg
DJ, PSA Director, MACRoCk committee member 2002-2004

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