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With lots of help from his callers, Jon Reid takes the listener on a two hour whirlwind trip through the hilarious and the tragic.
Come for the music and the laughs, stay for the subversive youth ministers, conspiracy minded musicians and disgruntled pizza delivery drivers.


Race to the Bottom's Blog

Dec. 18 2012


Ho ho ho!!! Ho ho ho!!! I spent FOREVER on this and here it is: A Very Pizza Cabin Christmas Sampler!! It's some of the best calls and bits from the past year of Race to the Bottom!! It's yummy, like a chocolate sampler. Featuring music from The Krektones and Sean Donnelly Tune in next Sunday for the whole Pizza Cabin Christmas experience, this is just a sample!!

Sep. 9 2012

Don't miss another exciting installment of Race to the Bottom, tonight at 7pm. Thoughts on the DNC, stories from Pizza Cabin, special guest Moses Atwood, good music and your phone calls!

Jun. 17 2012

I predict a heck of a show tonight.
Is the economy in a tailspin?
A review of the new horror film The Domain Collector.
Let's do this.

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