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Listening to music with friends. A weekly mix-tape of songs often neglected but "not to be missed" as recommended by guests who take time to "riff" about their love of music. -While this mission statement is still true in essence, as of April 2015 the show has evolved into THE forum for all things Carolina Rock 'n' Roll, with emphasis on regional garage rock bands from the 1960s. The show has taken on a number of close friends, supporters and regular contributors such as noted NC record collector and curator Ken Friedman of the great Tobacco-A-Go-Go compilations, Asheville historian and vinyl archivist Rick Russell who has become a permanent guest and co-host with his "box of tricks" giving us the welcome opportunity to play straight to the airwaves from his amazing collection of rare original 45 records. Daniel Coston, who has written the book on NC '60s rock is a willing collaborator and partner in crime. The list goes on... including dozens of original artists who have made appearances, over the phone AND in person. The standing invitation is open... if you like what you hear and have song/artist requests/suggestions or would like to appear on the show, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with your host: vancepollock at hotmail dot com. Stay Tuned!


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Dec. 5 2015
The Penny Peepshow

You might know that we here at Riffin' love late '60s British psych-pop. The Move, The Pink Floyd, The Soft Machine, The Nice, The Who... The Penny Peepshow? Well, we love them now but didn't know it a week ago.

Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Lancelot Barre played the Grey Eagle in Asheville last night (a great crowd and phenomenal performance by all accounts). Before the show he hung around Asheville FM for a good while and chatted with JD, host of Closer to the Edge (our favorite prog rock Thursday brother show). Check out the replay of THAT awesome interview all week on his show page here: http://www.ashevillefm.org/closer-to-the-edge/ Find the replay in the audio bar there or pop-out "Listen" link. Interview portion kicks in about the 34 minute mark.

We rather warmed up the airwaves for Marty by dredging up some real oldies, I'm talking pre-Tull here! A few of his tunes from two singles (and a rare outtake) on Liberty (UK) as guitarist with The Penny Peeps, who should have rightfully appeared on the label as The Penny Peepshow, but someone at the label or BBC was uptight about the naughty implications of the sort of thing one might have seen at a show so named.

We also set the tone with a great track from contemporaries Tomorrow (feat. Steve Howe of later YES fame) and my obligatory favorite Move tune.

Anyway, check it out and do a little time travel to an age when the only Jethro Tull anyone knew was the original agriculturalist the band nicked its name from.

You'll want to follow the link to a post on the station facebook page (below) for a fun photo and clever caption (not the more proper one shown at bottom).


"Legendary rock band Jethro Tull has long been drawn by the mystic allure of Asheville and the surrounding Smoky Mountains. In 1975 they chose Asheville for the launch of their "Warchild" album US tour and spent a week rehearsing here. They have returned often over the years, as artists and on holiday. Here is our buddy Vance Pollock meeting up with guitarist Martin Lancelot Barre in town this week."

Oct. 30 2015
The Nurks

The Asheville FM community radio fall fundraiser starts on Halloween. AFM is the home of my weekly volunteer radio show Riffin' where we unearth the forgotten genius of vintage Carolina rock 'n' roll for all to hear. I'm calling on friends (and tagging the hell out of them) to contribute $5 on my behalf. You can do it in a jiffy via PayPal at the show page (DONATE button at link below) OR make an old-school show of analog force by sending in a check or money order made out to "Friends of Community Radio, Inc." (our non-profit entity) to: Riffin' c/o Asheville FM, 864 Haywood Rd., Asheville, NC 28806. We aren't the only great show on the local airwaves at 103.3 WSFM-LP and streaming online worldwide. Be sure to browse the station site and keep in mind that this is all done for the love of music, original local content, neglected area news and issues. Every town should be so lucky to have what we've got here. We're proud and rightly so. We're not just another public radio station blasting listeners with syndicated programming from out of town. AFM is locally curated and the reward is in the satisfaction that comes from providing a real voice of freedom... the opportunity for regular folks to share personal passions that would be sidelined by commercial interests. Does that sound too melodramatic? Me and my buddy Rick put together a special 2-hour ALL CAROLINA ROCK edition this week. You can check it out and hear for yourself what a fresh and original approach to radio sounds like. I've been doing this for 3 years now, no strings attached. You won't get pommeled with these telethon-like antics every time you turn around, I promise you that. Give us a listen. If you like what you hear, break out that checkbook and become a supporter. Your dollars will go toward music licensing (yes, we pay royalties to neglected artists), equipment upgrades and upkeep, and day-to-day operational expenses. No one is "on the take" in this operation except for our listeners, who come away with a richly rewarding and enlightening listening experience to be had nowhere else. That's it. Check out my show page and do what you can. Be sure to tell 'em Vance sent you: www.ashevillefm.org/riffin

Oct. 29 2015
north carolina garage rock

Pulling out our collective expertise today to bring you an all-Carolina show, featuring some favorites from the Riffin' vaults, and maybe a Halloween surprise or two... It's our specialty. Who knew North Carolina was such a garage rock hotbed during the 1960s? We did... and now you do!

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