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Jan. 22 2013

Join SheBop Radio tomorrow, Wednesday from 6-7p. Me and a fellow 50 shades of Grey book lover will be discussing all the sexy details of the erotic book. So if you've read it or are thinking about reading it you'll want to hear what we think about this newly acclaimed book! If you feel like calling in to give your 2 cents even better!

May. 22 2012

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a 'break-up' fall...So, we've all been there.. The lonesome road of travesty we call breaking-up. It feels like your heart has been swallowed by the one you love and spit out onto gravel only for someone else to walk by and push it deeper into the dirt and rocks where bugs wait to gorge on what's left of your bloody heart. Let me take you, She-Boppers, on a musical 'Breaking up is hard' to do journey tomorrow (Wed.) night from 6-7p. Misery Loves company so Let's go through this together!

Apr. 25 2012

Heeeey She-Boppers! Join me next Wednesday, May 2 for my birthday show!
I've compiled a bunch of exciting dance songs to jump start the night of my birthday. It's gonna be a rockin' good time hosted by your's truley JaimeLeigh.

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