Thursday 4-7pm

It's a trip back in time to those days in your daddy's pickup truck, with the George Jones, and Waylon Jennings 8-tracks playing; or to the times in your grandmother's kitchen, drinking an RC, eating too many Smarties, Mary Janes, or Tootsie Rolls, with Eddy Arnold or Kitty Wells in the background. Perhaps it's the Hank Jr. or Alabama song that's part of the soundtrack for that special vacation, first baseball game, first car, or first love. Whether the year was 1993, 1973, or 1953; the memories return with Ultimate Twang. The reminiscent sounds of days past from the voices and pickers you loved, along with a few you might have forgotten about. Simply sit back and enjoy, as the gentle breezes of yesterday carry those long-lost sounds and events back to the forefront of your memories.

Friday 7-9pm

You'll hear every kind of blues imaginable from the birth of recorded blues in the 1920's to contemporary artists and everything in between. Blues music reflects everyday life and the full range of emotions that entails. Blues is not just about being down and out, but celebrating life as well. So if you like to have fun and boogie, then tune in every Friday from 7-9pm! Boogie on!

Tuesday 12-2pm
psychedelic,funk,country,krautrock,experimental,soul,noise,vinyl, porn

STARTING TUESDAY MAY 10TH BTROC moves to its new time-slot Tuesday 12pm to 2pm-Each new show will still be available to stream at your leisure any ol time till its replaced the following Tuesday via the Stream link; Listen tab (bellow)

Sir Bo Turbo Aka Robert Price and Mr Jason Krekel esq. sets forth what can only be described as an astringent decadent mind melt cocktail-haphazardly meshing Psychedelia, Funk, Euro Prog, Noise, obscure children's records, Kraut, Post punk, music of unknown ethnic time place or origin, 45s,LPs , (@#$?), art rock, musique concrète, metal, country, bubblegum and minimalistic bouts of experimentation into a cyclonic colonic blitzkrieg.

>Randomly spinning these classic platters as well as the dregs irresponsibly but with extreme anally explosive fortitude

"Beyond the realm of comprehension" promises to make any chill lounge transform into an all out sex party…..minus the sex..or the chill.

Like the facebook page fer xtra credit

Sunday 9-11am

An eclectic mix of old and new Sunday, 9-11am.

Thursday 11am-1pm
Riffin' North Carolina and South Carolina garage rock and roll

Listening to music with friends. A weekly mix-tape of songs often neglected but "not to be missed" as recommended by guests who take time to "riff" about their love of music. -While this mission statement is still true in essence, as of April 2015 the show has evolved into THE forum for all things Carolina Rock 'n' Roll, with emphasis on regional garage rock bands from the 1960s. The show has taken on a number of close friends, supporters and regular contributors such as noted NC record collector and curator Ken Friedman of the great Tobacco-A-Go-Go compilations, Asheville historian and vinyl archivist Rick Russell who has become a permanent guest and co-host with his "box of tricks" giving us the welcome opportunity to play straight to the airwaves from his amazing collection of rare original 45 records. Daniel Coston, who has written the book on NC '60s rock is a willing collaborator and partner in crime. The list goes on... including dozens of original artists who have made appearances, over the phone AND in person. The standing invitation is open... if you like what you hear and have song/artist requests/suggestions or would like to appear on the show, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with your host: vancepollock at hotmail dot com. Stay Tuned!

Wednesday 4-6pm

A variety talk show with your hosts, Michele Scheve and Jake Frankel, and their guests. Topics include entertainment, current events, the Asheville community and much more. Regularly features live music in the studio.
To be a guest, contact Michele (
or Jake (!

Monday 7-10pm

Freeform radio with a leaning towards the psychedelic sounds. More specifically,

P sychedelic
E lectronic
T errascopic

Get It, People!

Click "Listen" below to hear the current episode of UPT.

Follow us on Twitter:
or on Facebook:

For a taste of what we're about - with visuals, check out our youtube playlist at We suggest you randomize it for full effect.

Monday 8:30-9am

Here's the facts: we are on a beautiful ball of dirt that is hurtling thru space while some force totally beyond our ability to comprehend creates us, keeps us breathing, and will remove us. If we live to be 100 we have 36,500 days to enjoy it. Words of Peace explores this reality and how to make the most of it with heart to heart excerpts from Prem Rawat's addresses to audiences all over the world. Prem has been internationally recognized many, many times as an authority on peace and contentment, and his message is quite uplifting.

He aquí los hechos: estamos en una hermosa bola de suciedad que se precipitaba a través del espacio, mientras que una fuerza totalmente más allá de nuestra capacidad de comprensión nos crea, nos mantiene respirando y retiraremos nosotros. Si vivimos para ser 100 tenemos 36.500 días para disfrutarlo. Palabras de Paz explora esta realidad y cómo sacar el máximo partido de ella con el corazón de extractos del corazón de las direcciones de Prem Rawat a las audiencias de todo el mundo. Prem ha sido reconocida internacionalmente muchas, muchas veces como una autoridad en la paz y la alegría, y su mensaje es muy edificante.

Sunday 10pm-Monday 12am

The open door radio show is a platform that concentrates on local and sometimes regional hip hop artists. Their music, lives and art, will be shared in an inclusive and engaging manner. We are creating an atmosphere and an outlet for some very talented and often overlooked artists to shine.

Thursday 8-10pm
2 hours of African-rooted music and news from around the world.

All aboard for two hours of African-rooted music and news from around the world, baby!

This is a show where we track the footprints left by African people and their descendants on the music they touched -- everywhere they went, from one end of the world to the other. This is a space for dusting off old relics and test-flying the hottest new cuts from the most soulful, talented and masterful working musicians of today and yesteryear. From traditional African music to modern African, Caribbean, afro-latin, New Orleans, blues, jazz, soul, funk, rhythm & blues, rock & roll, reggae, folk, standards, singer-songwriter, classic country, political hip hop, boogie, gospel, fusion, americana, discarded pop, music from every corner of this Earth, and more (think Sun Ra!), it's all here.

And being that my DJ handle and the name of my show are nods to Jimi Hendrix and Parliament-Funkadelic, you'll be sure to hear regular contributions from those all-time heroes and their many associates. So from the planet-forging liquid magma that seemed to drip from Jimi's strings to the extra-terrestrial ecstatic dance spasm plasma that the Pfunk Army got all over us, we're all about spanning the spectrum of what the galaxy has to offer us around here.

So if you have a hunger for some high-intensity cultural exposure in a free-form sonic format, and you don't mind picking up a few profound lessons about human history along the way, then there's nothing to it but to clamber aboard, mates! Do ensure that your seat tray tables are in the upright *and locked* position, and that your lap belts are found low & tight across your waist. Then let's find out together where the good ship can take us next.

Monday 11am-12pm

Living Well explores the many ways that we can live well in our lives and in our community. Each week, Dr. Bob interviews a local guest who shares how they live well in their own life and how they inspire others to do the same. Listeners are welcome to call the show with questions and comments. Dr. Bob will also provide commentary, information from the news and internet, and local community events that support our ability to live well.

Thursday 12-1am

The Siren will woo you with sweet, sexy and sometimes haunting melodies. Depending on the mood, your journey to the deep may be on a metal vessel, a hip hop ride, down home honky tonk or smooth R&B.

Saturday 10am-12pm

Free-form music and talk programming from some of the coolest people in Asheville... all under 18. Tune in each week to find out who's picking the hottest tracks on 103.3!


Monday mornings from midnight till 2am (a time slot commonly thought of by many, as still being Sunday night)

Monday 6-7pm

The Asheville FM News Hour features news, commentary and interviews regarding the issues affecting people in Asheville and WNC. We're proud to include headlines by The Asheville Blade, the Wild Gardener segment with Peter Loewer, and the CalCast from The Mountain Xpress, featuring "Echoes," written by Sean Smith, performed by Liberated State.

Tune in Mondays at 6pm for lively discussions with news makers, non-profits and everyday folks.

Our news team includes: Scott Owen, TJ Amos, Geronimo Owen, David Forbes, Emily Curran, Trevon Dunn, Gerry Leonard, Emma Hutchens, Rachel Herman, Keith Fletcher, Andrew Rainey, and Whitman Bolles. Logo courtesy of Nathanael Roney.

Thursday 7-8pm

The Asheville FM News Hour features news, commentary and interviews regarding the issues affecting people in Asheville and WNC. We're proud to include headlines by The Asheville Blade, the Wild Gardener segment with Peter Loewer, and the CalCast from The Mountain Xpress, featuring "Echoes," written by Sean Smith, performed by Liberated State.

Tune in Thursdays at 7pm for lively discussions with news makers, non-profits and everyday folks.

Our news team includes: Scott Owen, TJ Amos, Geronimo Owen, David Forbes, Emily Curran, Trevon Dunn, Gerry Leonard, Emma Hutchens, Rachel Herman, Keith Fletcher, Andrew Rainey, and Whitman Bolles. Logo courtesy of Nathanael Roney.

Friday 9-11pm

And the Address, a program of strange, yet compelling music in a free-form setting. Entertaining and informative chatter, occasional guests and lots of surprises.

Tuesday 8-10am

Andrew will be bringing Asheville the best in all things rock every Tuesday morning from 7am til 9am!

Friday 3-4pm
Guitar music!!

A really close-minded look at boring rock n' roll during the stupid 70's and the tasteless 80's. You won't have any fun at all listening to self-styled "underground music", badly recorded racket, and/or forgotton-for-a-reason one-hit-wonders. Let's party.

Tuesday 5-6pm
Bury Your Head

Bury Your Head is a 2 hour free-form radio show dedicated to the kids in black, sitting in the corner and wearing runny eyeliner. Rockblocks of headbanger jams with makeout breaks. Daydrunk queer dance party collapsing into bluesdancing to funeral doom.

This show is likely to be enjoyed by people who listen to music in the general categories of metal, goth, and punk and who don't take themselves too seriously.

Here you will hear death metal that was groundbreaking in 1996 played next to present day crust that sounds like it was written in 1996, played alongside darkwave and postpunk so cold and mean it'll make you grateful that it's no longer 1996. And to make sure you feel some type of way, there will be early soul and r&b, depressive blues and folk thrown into the mix.

Tune in every Saturday at 1-3pm!

New, local, and touring bands: Get at me!

Saturday 10pm-Sunday 12am
photo by Amy Lou Hubbarth, 2014

that stupid punk rock
new, exciting jazz sounds
all over the world

Wednesday 10pm-Thursday 12am

everything, everywhere

Thursday 2-4pm

CLOSER TO THE EDGE is a "Prog Variety Show" playing the finest classic and modern Progressive music from around the world! Progressive Rock (or simply Prog) evolved in the late 60's/early 70's from Psychedelic music to elevate rock to new levels of artistry. Prog bands, then and now, push rock's technical and compositional boundaries by going beyond the standard rock or popular verse-chorus song based structures. Also, the arrangements often incorporate elements drawn from classical, jazz and world music. Long, multi-dimensional pieces are more common while songs with lyrics are sometimes conceptual, abstract, or based in fantasy. Musically, unusual time signatures are frequent as is orchestration and many 'movements' within one song. Prog bands sometimes use "concept albums" to tell an epic story or tackle a grand overarching theme. Sub-genres include Prog Folk, Progressive Metal, Jazz/Rock Fusion, Crossover Prog, Symphonic Rock, Psychedelic/Space Rock, International Prog and more. Classic bands include Pink Floyd, Yes, King Crimson, Renaissance, ELP, Jethro Tull, The Moody Blues, Genesis, Rush, etc and modern bands include Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, Anathema, Tool, Dream Theater, Marillion, Opeth, Riverside, Spock's Beard, Steven Wilson, etc. Great resources for Prog fans are Prog Magazine and . For past archives click here:

Monday 9-10am
Amazing ball of dirt

Here's the facts: we are on a beautiful ball of dirt that is hurtling thru space while some force totally beyond our ability to comprehend creates us, keeps us breathing, and will remove us. If we live to be 100 we have 36,500 days to enjoy it. Common Ground explores this reality and how to make the most of it with heart to heart excerpts from Prem Rawat's addresses to audiences all over the world, interviews, discussions and music - all coming from a desire to simply enjoy being alive. We are all in this together!!

Tuesday 6-8pm

Tom Peters counts down this week's top ten. Tune in to find out what makes the cut. Brought to you by Orbit DVD
On Twitter @countdownAFM

Wednesday 10-11am

Democracy Now! is a national, daily, independent, award-winning news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

Friday 5-7pm

Remember that first song you really loved? Remember those concerts that changed your life? Remember when we robbed that liquor store singing that Bel Biv Devoe song?

Tune in to Feels Like the First Time to hear songs that will remind you of how it felt the first time you heard that song that became an important point on your musical journey.

Join me on my musical journey, take a ride with me, smoke a L in the back of the benzie. Tune in, turn on.....

Sunday 2-3pm

The Final Straw is an hour-long radio show that strives to provide information and contribute to awareness of and participation in self-liberatory activities around the world by providing a platform to English-language listeners to learn about current struggles and ideas. Simply stated, we promote non-sectarian Anarchism(s) to enrich the struggle and widen participation in the battles against Capital, State & Coercion. We believe that the liberation of each is tied to the liberation of all, and so we work to cover struggles against Prisons, Police, Sexism, Racism, Hetero-patriarchy and against Civilization. We support autogestion and autonomy.

The Final Straw has been operating since mid-2010 out of, a freeform internet radio station in Asheville, North Carolina now broadcasting at WSFM-LP, 103.3 FM! The show is currently being rebroadcast on 91.5FM KXCF in Marshall, CA and 88.1FM KWTF in Bodega Bay, CA. In Columbus, Ohio, the show can be heard on WCRS-LP at 102.1 & 98.3 FM. In Olympia, Washington you can hear the show on the airwaves of KOWA-LP on 106.5 FM. It will also soon be featured on 104.1FM Berkeley Liberation Radio, a pirate radio station in North Oakland/South Berkeley, CA. If you want to hear this show on a station near you, drop us a line and we'll try to work it out!

Podcasts are free to download from Archives of the series can be found on Please feel free to borrow, steal and modify the content to further spread the ideas. If you see fit to do so, please drop us an email at the-final-straw(at)ashevillefm(dot)org to let us know so we can brag about it!

Archives of the show can be found at The Final Straw Radio website.

Wednesday 8-10am

Simple music for simple minds with the occasional addition of voices, opinions and comments. Really, it's that simple. Start your morning off with some great tunes designed to make you feel ...THE POWER of your heart and mind.....Just Kiddin... For best results, TURN IT UP! Not kidding!

Friday 12-2am

expect proto to post punk, new wave and noise pop.

Friday 1-3pm

Expect a fairly wide range of genres ranging from "underground" rock, experimental/drone/ambient/whathaveyou, general psychedelic music (interpret that however you like), also probably some modern classical from time to time.

Thursday 9-10am
The Horses' Mouth with Bowditch WSFM-LP 103.3FM

a news/ discussion/ interview show with cool and interesting and serious people discussing issues confronting Ashevillians of all persuasions..seeking common ground always, lots of tunes, mostly crusty ol' stuff, most of which you know, a lot of which you won't…

Friday 11am-1pm

The 7-inch, The 45, The Single

In the Box is a show about 7” 45 RPM records.

Greg Cartwright and Whitney Shroyer's show about the little records with a big hole, and even bigger sound. Every Friday at 11am we present a wide range of sounds from our collective record libraries. Sometimes themed, sometimes not. Except for special occasions, always 45's.

This week's program was packed with R&B, 60's garage, doo wop, jazz, and a half hour set of 80's cuts, a little context for some Prince love. All in all, just the kind of high quality train wreck you've come to expect. Does this radio make me look fat? ...see you next week.

You never know what’s in the box.

Monday 12-2pm

Live transmission seeks to bring listeners a variety of new and old music that is not on your average Fm dial. There is so much great music out there! Lets find it together. My goal is to unleash as much music as possible in two hours. And ill be transmitting from the studio; live that is

Wednesday 6-7pm

The Looking Glass Radio Hour is a collection of freeform music encompassing a wide variety of genres and themes including but not limited to: indie rock, new wave, shoegaze, ambient, folk, electronic rock, garage, punk, surf, chill wave, avant-gard and favorites from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. The music and talk featured on this radio show strives to reflect the community that we know and love. Your hosts Emma and Gerry will curate weekly themed soundtracks for travel, reflection, facing your demons and devising world-changing plans with your friends.

Friday 11pm-Saturday 2am

Experimental, genre defying music for all ages and from all ages. Pretty much anything is fair game here but there is an emphasis on minimal electronics of the non-dance persuasion as well as post-classical, between-the-cracks rock and some good ol’ time Musique Concrete when I can find it. We’ll also give emphasis to new releases when they come in. Non serious music for the academic listener.

Sunday 6-9am
Doctor Severin

Mental Notes is a free-form mix from past and future. Sunday's 6 to 9am. Genre hopping host plays a free-form mix of obscure & familiar, new and recent discoveries.

If you miss it live, catch the archive: . Clanging the Death Knell of commercial tedium since 1988.

Here's the link to the seldom used Facebook page:

Here's the Android App:

Wednesday 1-4pm

Music from around the world with an emphasis on music of the Mediterranean

Sunday 11am-12pm

an eclectic mix of your friends music and your neighbors thoughts

Sunday 4-6pm

Onward Through The Fog is a journey through the fogginess of music. Each week we will be exploring old and new favorites, highlighting various artists and just enjoying a unique blend of musical genres.

Monday 10pm-Tuesday 12am
Photo Courtesy of Celene

Mostly 20th and 21st Century "classical" composers and whatever that entails - sometimes electronics, sometimes soundtracks. Not background music. NO powdered wigs, waltzes or chandeliers.

Sunday 8-10pm
wail in joy, laugh with grief

Do you feel heard? Are your tastes & sensibilities well-represented in everyday media? Me neither. I'll do my best to share what's soothing my gaping cosmic wounds. Join me and usually a guest for talks and tunes for and from glorious underdogs, focused hermits, ecstatic kooks--frindge friends everywhere. Be it sounds from nether motherlands, digital gnashing you can dance to, or chats with various eccentrics, we hope you find respite here and feel free to get queerer with each listen.

Wednesday 11am-1pm

Non-Format Audio-Art (mostly music), Outlaw Journalism, Local Comedy, & Skillshare Bulletin

Friday 8-10am

Political Alchemy is a collaboration of real people and their stories. And those in leadership positions and music to create the emancipated mind by participating in the discussions.

This show will emancipate your mind and cause you to take action. You will learn how read between the lines and will not only understand the issues but will also over-stand the issues- causing you to take action.


Saturday 8-10am
 Radio Active Kids

Radio Active Kids is a program just for kids! Join host Sagan and the gang in an interactive show that explores all things kids. Themed shows feature cool kid-friendly tunes, storytelling, interviews on movies and books, and cool stuff happening in the Asheville, NC community. Comedy and call-ins are a must for this off-beat two-hour show.

Tuesday 4-4:30pm

Poet Mark Nepo says “The more we accept our very human frailties, the more we need to stay in conversation with all of life’s agents. We need our own conversation books to investigate and inhabit our very real relationship to life. Paradoxically, we need a space to talk things through, alone and together, while we search for the wordless still point within. Recovery Radio is built to be that space, where we converse with life’s “agents”, that is, persons in recovery, community leaders, medical and mental health workers and those who work with persons reentering society from prison and those who are homeless. We will also talk about music and how it relates to recovery.

Tuesday 4:30-5pm

Tune in to hear delicious bites of all things film! Mark McCloud of Orbit DVD and Kim Roney will be on each week, with more than just 2 cents! Expect to hear what's new in theatres, new on DVD, special releases, local screenings, and special guests. Photo by Max Cooper.

Monday 5-6pm
Saturday 6-7pm
Monday 2-5pm

Songs for Friends is an eclectic but accessible offering of mix-tape-worthy tunes, curated by Sarah B and inspired by the compilations she's made every year for her nearest and dearest for almost a decade. Tune in to enjoy a multi-genre collection of songs from the distant past, as well as brand new tracks from brilliant musicians you've never heard of, with a few guilty pleasures sprinkled in and the occasional theme-driven set.

Saturday 12-1pm

Everything and anything you don't want to hear (the good stuff anyways). You're likely to hear some okay alright sounds.

Saturday 1-3pm
If it sounds like food, looks like music, it's probably art.

Sounds Like Food is a weekly show about music and food from the perspective of musicians, artists and cooks. There is a common ground that weaves through the paths of the three throughout the career span. Whether someone has cooked to earn money to make art and music or someone has chosen to follow the path of food while still appreciating music and art, Sounds Like Food is here to understand the commonality within the diversion from food to music to art.

Saturday 7-10pm

Each week your Cousin TL puts together the coolest playlist. Hear various soul music of the biggest names in today’s Neo-Soul like Kem, Jill Scott, Anthony David, Marsha Ambrosius and much more. Also featuring new undiscovered music from indie soul artists like The Secret B-Sides, Tracy Cruz, Ryan “R&B” Barber. With lost jams from back in the day legendary acts Prince, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Minnie Riperton and many others from your Cousin TL’s personal collection!

Follow on Twitter @CousinTL

Wednesday 7-8pm

Taking its name from one of sports' oddest stories, Steve Sax Syndrome is a sports talk show with a mix of comedy and music. Sports news of the day, week, or year will be discussed to within an inch of its laugh. Correspondents from across the region and around the world will join us to talk about their favorite teams, special sports events, and personal histories. Mostly, we will find guidance from the words of that great sports philosopher Rasheed Wallace: "Both teams played hard."

Past episodes available at

Wednesday 8-10pm

A weekly freeform excursion that may or may not include sublime instrumentals, plucky interludes, double-tracked a cappella mumbling, prepared and unprepared pianos, and indigenous sounds from all eras and all areas.

Tierra del Cielo - Radio Novela

Una historia de amor, amistad y valentía que se convierte en una prueba de honor para todos y muestra luz en un tema de tabú. Escuche todos los Jueves a las 7pm durante la hora de noticias comenzando el 23 de Agosto, 2012. Accesible en todas partes en la página

A story of love, friendship and bravery that becomes a test of honor for everyone and sheds light into a taboo subject. Listen each Thursdays at 7pm during the news hour beginning on 8/23/12. Accessible anywhere via

Narrator: Victor Palomino, born in Bogota, Colombia. Has lived in WNC for 10 years and has been an amazing Latino advocate and local artist.

Nurse: Anna Pfaff, born in Philadelphia moved to Asheville 2002.

Efraín: Michael Muñoz, born in Medellin, Colombia. Has lived in WNC since 2000.

Juan: Steven Muñoz, born in Connecticut from Columbian parents. Moved to WNC in 2000.

Marta: Bella F. Vilchis, born in Cape Canaveral FL. Has lived in WNC for 20+ years.

Tomás: R. Mario Vilchis, born in Acapulco, Mexico. Has lived in WNC for 11 years.

María: Magina Guzman, born in Chile has lived in WNC for more than 25 years.

Teresa: Maria Martinez Fore, born in Quito, Ecuador. Has lived in WNC for 15 years.

Sunday 6-8pm

A supersonic stew, from deep dusty gems to present-day ditties. There is a theme to each episode, whether it be super subtle or hit you over the head obvious. Guests and interviews from time to time.

Tuesday 8-10pm

We play forgotten pop from the last 40 years. You may hear a Horn Rock Blast, a WestCoast Breeze, an Un-Cover, a Forgotten Top 40 or an UnSung Hero. Sometimes Tony Manero drops by on his way to White Castle to play a forgotten dance classic. And we always have the XTC song of the week....yessssss!

We also schedule various theme shows, especially specific to a genre or artist. You can drop us a line at erikmattox at ashevillefm dot org.

Thursday 10pm-Friday 12am

Versus: /ˈvərsəs/ or /ˈvərsəz/, preposition (according to the Oxford dictionary)

Definition 1: Against (especially in sports and legal use)

Example 1: Campbell versus Acuff-Rose Music

Example 2: Robin Thicke, Pharrell Willams, and T.I. versus Marvin Gaye

Definition 2: As opposed to; in contrast to

Example 3: What are the pros and cons of vinyl versus digital media?

Example 4: What are the differences and similarities of Hip Hop versus Rap?

Thursday 1-2pm

The WestCoast Breeze is blowing in to relax your day with WestCoast pop rock and soul from the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as songs and interviews from current NuCoast pop artists from around the world. Let Laguna Lou shift it down to neutral for you.

It's time to groove to something smooth.

To listen to each edition, select the link in each blog post.

Producer Kim Roney is in the studio with The Wild Gardener, Peter Loewer. You can hear the newest edition of the Wild Gardener each week on the AFM News Hour, Thursdays from 7-8pm!

The Wild Gardener also has his own website!


Sunday 3-4pm

Wordplay every week features poets and writers of creative prose in
performance, and in conversation about their craft and ideas. Our
guests have included Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners
and high school students; writers who are household names (in
households that read, at least), and writers who have only begun the
process of interaction and publication that leads to recognition;
formalists and performance poets - all working to keep language alive
and real.

Sunday 12-1pm

'Words to Live By' is an exploration of proverbs with a collage of interview segments, music, fiction, sound effects and occasional Casio keyboard drum machines.

Tuesday 10pm-Wednesday 12am

Raised on the golden era of Hip-Hop and New Jack Swing
DJ Camaro is excited to share his favorite tracks.
Rocking bangers from Coast 2 Coast my intent is to take you back in time.

Think Brand Nubian & Bobby Brown with a sprinkle of the best in new school Hip-Hop.

I wanna make the listener bob their head, do the smurf, do the wop or get up and do yo best Kid-n-Play impression.

Whatever you do is cool, just as long as Ya Don't Stop!

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