Songs for Friends

  • Monday 2-5pm
various iterations of rock, pop, & folk

Songs for Friends is an eclectic but accessible offering of mix-tape-worthy tunes, curated by Sarah B and inspired by the compilations she's made every year for her nearest and dearest for almost a decade. Tune in to enjoy a multi-genre collection of songs from the distant past, as well as brand new tracks from brilliant musicians you've never heard of, with a few guilty pleasures sprinkled in and the occasional theme-driven set.


Songs for Friends's Blog

Dec. 19 2016

Today I'll be unveiling my official Songs for Friends 2016 mix. Join me for one of my most beloved experiences that only happens once a year and then is gone.

Nov. 14 2016

Tune in today from 2-5pm for my best attempt at balancing hope with fear and utter despair, letting music lead the way...

Mar. 21 2016

Joe Chang and perhaps another member of local band Gold Light will be performing live and chatting on Songs for Friends today, starting at 2 pm EST. They're promoting a Mothlight show that's happening this Thursday and showing off tracks from their gorgeous new album, Visions. You don't want to miss it!

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