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If it sounds like food, looks like music, it's probably art.
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Sounds Like Food is a weekly show about music and food from the perspective of musicians, artists and cooks. There is a common ground that weaves through the paths of the three throughout the career span. Whether someone has cooked to earn money to make art and music or someone has chosen to follow the path of food while still appreciating music and art, Sounds Like Food is here to understand the commonality within the diversion from food to music to art.


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Feb. 14 2017
Valentines Day, Asheville, FM, Sounds Like Food

This week is all about the music with a show dedicated to the sometimes lonely, sometimes joyful moments in love. Thanks for listening!!

Jan. 2 2017
Green Opportunities, Food Security, Food Justice

This week J, Executive Director at  Green Opportunities; Gene and Nicole of Build A Better Salad(B.A.B.S.) are in the Studio to talk about Food Access, Security and Justice in the community of Asheville. Nicole brought the noise with a sweet playlist.

Tune in tomorrow from 4:30p-6:00p after Reel Talk.

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Dec. 26 2016
Sounds Like Food, 2017, Community Radio, Kyle McKnight, Ashley Capps, Bert Clark

This week we cap it off. Put the lid on 2016, and hope it can ferment into something tasty in a few weeks. Could just rot and turn to soil, then we can replant and grow in spite of the waste that we made this year. Thanks for listening every Tuesday from 4:30p-6p after Reel Talk, follow us on the





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