Riffin' Playlists

Riffin' playlist for 04/17/2014

Telly Savalas LIVE in-studio, helping Asheville get its groove back.

Riffin' playlist for 04/10/2014

Southern Rock, Kraut Pop, The Critters forgery etc.

Riffin' playlist for 03/27/2014

Winston-Salem garage and beyond... with Jimmie Vestal!

Riffin' playlist for 03/20/2014

Doing what we do. Playing old records you haven't heard before...

Riffin' playlist for 03/13/2014

Awesome double-header interview show with Little Joe Brown, Asheville radio and concert emcee royalty, and Billy Farmer from Sunn Cycle, circa 1969 Asheville rock juggernauts. This is graduate school level stuff! Break out your notepads and brush up on your short-hand as we collect the facts on some great local music history.

Riffin' playlist for 03/06/2014

Dippin' our toes in the Beach music... Carolina style. Swingin' Medallions, O'Kaysions, etc. Dick Bennick aka Dr. Paul Bearer's "Salem" records. The dawn of the Allman Brothers.

Riffin' playlist for 02/27/2014

Hal Trammell from Morganton NC 1960s band The Changin' Tymes.

Riffin' playlist for 02/06/2014

Carolina Rock 'n' Roll Remembered... harvesting songs via facebook, eBay, etc.

Riffin' playlist for 01/30/2014

NC garage redux and beyond... Pat Parker, Buck Trail, Girl Watcher vs. Boy Watcher, Asheville wizard Root Boy Slim... lots of 45s from Rick Russell's collection.

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