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Oct. 22 2013

Zack Mexico stopped through Asheville last night in support of their new DiggUp Tapes release, "Ephemera of Altruisms." In this episode we hear from ZM's Joey and John, as well as show favorite Taylor Rogers live in-studio. Give 'er a stream!

Jun. 11 2013

This week Tom talks to Philip Pledger of Estrangers about their new record Season of 1000 Colors, out June 11th.

Apr. 8 2013

Ever street view the previous residence of one of your records? Ever find any markings, letters, or other remnants of past lives in your used albums? Call 828-259-3936 and tell me about it during my show from 7-8. Special thanks as always to Orbit DVD.

Whoa! I didn't even realize this comments section was here!

the vocals and melody in that Walker Brothers "Fat Mama Kick" reminded of a slow-downed Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy.

so that's where Linda Ronstadt copped that "I Can't Let Go" song!


Could you play Young MArble Giants- Final Day?

and X ray specs-Teenage Adolescents


Playlist for 2/15/10

10cc - Rubber Bullets
Godley and Creme - Wet Rubber Soup
Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
Brian Eno-David Byrne - America is Waiting
Crass - Do They Owe Us a Living?
The Bobby Fuller Four - Let Her Dance
R.E.M. - (All I Have to do is) Dream
The Beau Brummels - Two Days 'Til Tomorrow
The Factory - Path Through the Forest
Solomon Burke - You're Good For Me
Legs Akimbo! - Got to Get My Feet Out of Bed
Buffalo Springfield - Broken Arrow
Organ - Akneboppin
Kate Bush - Deeper Understanding
New Order - Leave Me Alone
Neon Indian - Psychic Chasm
Young Marble Giants - Wurlitzer Jukebox
Real Estate - Suburban Dogs
Will Oldham - The Weaker Soldier
OCS - So I Guess We Can't Hang Out
Poisoin Girls - Offending Article
Ruth's Refrigerator - He Needs A Dog
Arthur Russell - Eli
Scott Walker - The Girls and the Dogs
Tall Dwarfs - Dog
Clouddead - Dead Dogs Two
The Fugs - Morning, Morning
Velvet Davenport - Get Out (feat. Ariel Pink and Gary War)


Surely. Here youaaaaah:

Intro (Booji Boy excerpt from Human Highway)
Van Dyke Parks - Palm Desert
Devo - Uglatto
The Time - Jungle Love
Thomas Function - APD Blues
Josiah Wolf - The Trailer and the Truck
Kurt Vile - Slow Talkers
The Frogs - I'm Hungry
Neil Young - Human Highway
Woods - To Clean
Deep Freeze Mice - Medley
Smog - Bad Ideas for Country Songs I and II
The Gears - Hard Rock
The D.I.s - Mr. Soul
The Oblivians - Clones
Greg Cartwright - Stop and Think it Over
Fiery Furnaces - Bird Brain
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
Velvet Underground - I found a reason demo
Tom T. Hall - Regina's Revenge
Hasil Adkins - The Hunch
Davenport - In the Grass Again
10cc - Wall Street Shuffle
Throbbing Gristle - United
Harold Budd/Brian Eno - A Stream With Bright Fish
The Dramatics - The Devil is Dope
Baby Earl and the Trinidads - Blackslop
The Ventures - Night Train
Crass - Bloody Revolutions
Reptile - Boys Will Be Boys

so is there anyway i could get some sort of playlist ,sir? thanks for being so cool.
1# listener and fan,

Valli Smith

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