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Feb. 27 2011

Against Equality: A conversation with Ryan Conrad

This week features 40 minutes of interview with Ryan Conrad, founder and co-editor of the AgainstEquality blog. Mr Conrad is touring the country with the new compendium from articles, entitled "Against Equality: Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage." Two more books are sure to follow (focussing on the Prison-Industrial Complex/Hate Crimes legislation and Don't Ask Don't Tell, respectively).

Ryan's going to be speaking this week at the following venues in town:
7pm @ Firestorm Books and Cafe, 48 Commerce St, AVL on Wed, 3/2/11
(informal conversation)
8pm @ UNCA campus, Humanities Lecture Hall on Thurs, 3/3/11

Check out to read the essays.
Also, visit for some of Ryan's artwork.

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