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Mar. 31 2013

Hannah Dobbz on squatting

By Hannah Dobbz

This week's show features a conversation with Hannah Dobbz about their new book, Nine-Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States. Hannah was also the creator of the documentary "Shelter: A Squatumentary". We talk about squatting in the U.S., homesteading, market values, views on squat resistance in other countries from the U.S. and more. The latter half of the show features a musical selection from the metal and gothy end of the spectrum.

The show will stream at from 4/1/13 til 4/8/13. Podcasts will be available from The show will be archived after a week at . Check out the site, which is growing all the time. You can contact us via that for content suggestions if ya care to.

The playlist can be found here

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