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Jul. 29 2013

Anarcha-Feminism: Encore Presentation

from the Original AFM posting
"This week features a conversation with J. Rogue and Abbey Volcano, contributors to the 3rd Edition of "Quiet Rumors: An Anarcha-Feminist Reader" and contributors to and editors of the 2012 book, "Queering Anarchism", both published by AK Press.

The conversation flows from an intro to Anarcha-Feminism and what differs with and what's common with other forms of Feminism, gender in Communization Problematic, Transfeminism, Intersectionality, Queer, BDSM and the placement of this year's Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair in a community center owned by, and anti-capitalist analyses of sex work."

This version of the episode also features no announcements but DOES feature a track from the new Gris album, À l'âme enflammée, l'âme constellée...

The playlist can be found here.
This show will stream from 7/29-8/04/13. Because the prior version is already posted online, this version will not be specifically podcasted

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