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Forgotten Pop from the Last 40 Years

We play forgotten pop from the last 40 years. You may hear a Horn Rock Blast, a WestCoast Breeze, an Un-Cover, a Forgotten Top 40 or an UnSung Hero. Sometimes Tony Manero drops by on his way to White Castle to play a forgotten dance classic. And we always have the XTC song of the week....yessssss!

We also schedule various theme shows, especially specific to a genre or artist. You can drop us a line at erikmattox at ashevillefm dot org.


The UnCola's Blog

Jun. 21 2016

Tonight at 8PM est, The UnCola wants to celebrate another day of living. So we're skyjacking the airwaves and taking you on a trip back to the year 1971. We'll play 2 hours of our favorite forgotten Top 40 hits from the year that 18 year olds got to vote, Walt Disney World opened and cigarette ads disappeared from TV.

May. 24 2016

Tonight at 8PM est on 103.3 FM, The UnCola brings you Volume 5 of our Forgotten Pop from the 80s series. Let us disassemble your memories and input new ones from the decade of neon pink and Classic Coke.

Apr. 26 2016

Tonight at 8PM est, we pay tribute to his Purple majesty, Prince, who left the physical world last week. We will focus on artists who covered and were influenced by Prince as well as a few choice Prince favorites. Cause life, it ain't real funky unless it's got that pop!

Doin a windmill into a backspin with a sweet cross leg stop right now for your birthday Lisa. Woa here comes a electric shake into a funky robot bzznrrg!!!

That's right...both of them.

Mr. DJ. Put something on that's gonna motivate me during my work-out.

Time 6:50 PM 90210

Pet Shop Boys?

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