The West Coast Breeze

  • Thursday 1-2pm
Westcoast/ AOR

The WestCoast Breeze is blowing in to smooth out your day with WestCoast pop rock and soul from the 70s, 80s and 90s as NuCoast pop from the new Millennium. Let Laguna Lou shift it down to neutral for you.

It's time to groove to something smooth.


The West Coast Breeze's Blog

Mar. 8 2017

This Thursday at 1PM est live, The Breeze plays tribute to a voice who recently left us - singer/songwriter, Valerie Carter. We'll be playing some of her recorded songs, some that she wrote and others that she sang on...

Mar. 2 2017

Today at 1PM est on 103.3 FM, The WestCoast Breeze blows in and again asks the question: Is It WestCoast? With the genre ever expanding and the boundaries between music blurring as time goes by, how does one know if a certain artist or song is considered to be in the WestCoast/NuCoast category? We'll play an hours of worth of songs that sound smooth and feel smooth. But Is It WestCoast?

Feb. 16 2017

Today at 1PM est, The Breeze will be paying a WestCoast tribute to Mr. Al Jarreau with some smooth jazzy WestCoast pop and soul.

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