Tunes and Tangents

  • Monday 12-2am

This show explores a wide mixture of sonic treats and thematic tangents. You can expect deep cuts by familiar and lesser known artists such as rare cover versions or originals, side projects & solo projects, songs sampled in other songs, b-sides, and remixes. Guests will occasionally join me in the studio to talk about the tangent of the night and bring their own musical selections related to the theme or subject matter.

Night owls are encouraged to call the show at 828.259.3936 and join the conversation. Your two cents is welcome here as Sunday spills into Monday morning from 12midnight - 2am.


Tunes and Tangents's Blog

Oct. 30 2016

Show #13 - Tonight's tangent is MONEY. There will be plenty of new music as well as songs that explore the fabled "root of all evil." Scheduled special guests include Alec Seifart aka electronic music producer 'Murkury' of The Undergrowth Collective, Rapper Bryan Divisions and Asheville's Hip Hop DJ Extraordinaire Nex Millen. Topics of discussion may or may not include: Corporate Greed, Living Wages, Stacking Cheddar, Economic Inequality, A Milli, Fundraising, Slush Funds, Taxes, Profit Margins, Making Bank, Direct Deposit, Mo' Money, Mo' Problems, C.R.E.A.M.

Sep. 5 2016
Cha-Cha-Cha Changes!

CHANGE is the tangent for tonight's show. Sir Isaac Newton said that "The only constant is change." I suppose he should know, he was a pretty smart fella. There are some new songs tonight in addition to tracks that delve deep into the notion of change. Change can be scary but it can also be good to do things that scare you. We often don't know what to make of change and resist it. Tonight's show also features an on air call from the Charlotte band Faye in their tour van on their drive back from a show in Columbus, SC. I also played a couple songs from their Faye EP. Find Faye on Spotify, or on bandcamp and Facebook under fayeisaband. Thanks!

Aug. 29 2016
Tunes and Tangents on Asheville FM

ONE is the tangent for tonight. One monkey don't stop no show! Join me for lots of new music and songs that have to do with the theme of one. Asheville FM is second to none. Did you know that we give away FREE TICKETS to shows at The Orange Peel, Grey Eagle, New Mountain, Fine Arts Theatre and The Grail Moviehouse? Awesome right? Yeah, it's true. That's how we roll. We appreciate you Asheville, so keep listening to 103.3 Asheville FM and call in to win! 828-239-3936

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