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It's a trip back in time to those days in your daddy's pickup truck, with the George Jones, and Waylon Jennings 8-tracks playing; or to the times in your grandmother's kitchen, drinking an RC, eating too many Smarties, Mary Janes, or Tootsie Rolls, with Eddy Arnold or Kitty Wells in the background. Perhaps it's the Hank Jr. or Alabama song that's part of the soundtrack for that special vacation, first baseball game, first car, or first love. Whether the year was 1993, 1973, or 1953; the memories return with Ultimate Twang. The reminiscent sounds of days past from the voices and pickers you loved, along with a few you might have forgotten about. Simply sit back and enjoy, as the gentle breezes of yesterday carry those long-lost sounds and events back to the forefront of your memories.


Ultimate Twang's Blog

Apr. 22 2015
George Jones The Race Is On

Yes, this week's show is going to be a blast! For 3 hours, it's loads of solid gold Country music from the all-time greats that you love and remember. And, as always, your humble host will be on hand with the info about the music, plus whatever else he comes up with, and to top it off, he even digs into archives for vintage sounds that combine with the hits to even further jog the deepest crevices of your memory bank, bringing back glorious memories from long ago, or in some cases, not so long ago.
The fun starts at 4p ET! What a great way to wind down a Thursday afternoon!

Apr. 16 2015
Marty Robbins "Ain't I The Lucky One"

Hey there fellow twangers and twangettes! I have a family event, tonight with my beautiful 9 year old daughter and occasional co-host, so this week, we will be presenting a "best of" program, you know, just like Johnny Carson used to do during one of his 26 yearly vacations from The Tonight Show. Still great music and it's a chance, especially for the newcomers, to see just how far Ultimate Twang has progressed, at least, I hope it's progressed and not regressed. Anyway, I'll be back, live, next week, but be sure to enjoy this week's "encore" presentation!

Apr. 9 2015
Merle Haggard Strangers

Today at 4p ET, it's another edition of Ultimate Twang, your ultimate Throwback Thursday. 3 hours of classic country gold, the songs you remember from decades past, that are often forgotten about. But not forgotten by us! We still love these classics and that's why we do this, every Thursday, just for you. Join me!

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