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It's a trip back in time to those days in your daddy's pickup truck, with the George Jones, and Waylon Jennings 8-tracks playing; or to the times in your grandmother's kitchen, drinking an RC, eating too many Smarties, Mary Janes, or Tootsie Rolls, with Eddy Arnold or Kitty Wells in the background. Perhaps it's the Hank Jr. or Alabama song that's part of the soundtrack for that special vacation, first baseball game, first car, or first love. Whether the year was 1993, 1973, or 1953; the memories return with Ultimate Twang. The reminiscent sounds of days past from the voices and pickers you loved, along with a few you might have forgotten about. Simply sit back and enjoy, as the gentle breezes of yesterday carry those long-lost sounds and events back to the forefront of your memories.


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Oct. 8 2015
Billy Joe Royal Down In The Boondocks LP

On today's program, we will remember Billy Joe Royal, the country and pop music great who passed away, this week. We'll also pack 3 hours full of the best classic country music on the radio or the web. This week's lineup is stellar, many of your all-time favorites will be heard on this week's edition of Ultimate Twang.

Oct. 1 2015
Ultimate Twang

The title is something I use from time-to-time on tweets and such; it was a line that was actually said to me by a caller a few months ago; she said that she used to listen to country music, but had quit because today's version just wasn't that good, but then she had discovered Ultimate Twang and it had made her fall in love with country music again. That's high praise when someone tells you that, and we don't take it lightly. If you've not checked out the program, before, it's a simple concept; we play classic country music. Nothing newer than 2005. You'll hear the 90's new traditionalists, 80's country-pop, 70's outlaws, 60's Nashville Sound, 50's honky tonk and rockabilly, western from the 30's and 40's, even the early string bands of the 20's. It is literally a history lesson, as well as a show for remembering. So, if you were a high schooler jamming to Alabama and Hank Jr., a young child hearing Loretta Lynn, Charley Pride, or any number of other greats on the stereo at home, or someone who just likes great, vintage music, you'll be a fan of this show. Join me at 4p ET, this afternoon for another edition of The World Famous Ultimate Twang.

Sep. 24 2015
Eddy Arnold singing

We kick it off at 4p ET, today! 3 hours of classic country music, mixed with information, memories, vintage soundbites, vintage movie bites, old ads, and classic TV themes. You'll be a kid all over again! So, get out your box of Maypol cereal, while you're humming The Dick Van Dyke Show theme, and for real fun, recline in the front seat of your Studebaker Lark, while listening to The World Famous Ultimate Twang!

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