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Join us for a live musical voyage each Monday night as Jaybird and Juliet take you to the outer limits of sound. We've got a heavy focus on new music, but we don't ignore the classics. You never know what sounds are ahead and we guarantee that no two shows are ever the same.

Is it music? Is it noise? Is it junk?

No, It's UPT!

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Uncorrected Personality Traits's Blog

Mar. 26 2017

Monday evening we'll have a good dose of new music throughout the show, but we'll also be having a nice long session of Storytime. I think we've done this before...maybe not. At least to start, we'll be playing a selection of songs that really tell a vivid story. Some are short stories in song form, others just paint a real vivid picture. Just be warned, some get a little dark. I steered clear of most of the folkier stuff and kept more in line with the UPT-style for the selection that's on deck.

We'll decide how it all plays out tomorrow, along with a great chunk of newness that's been spinning in the Birdhouse. Join us 7-10 Eastern for another UPT on AshevilleFM at 103.3 FM Locally or www.ashevillefm.org, streaming to the world.

- Jaybird

Mar. 19 2017

This Monday night, the 20th of March, we'll look to the future with a bunch of singles from forthcoming albums that we got our grubby little mitts into and we'll take some serious bites out of the New Bin with lots of electronics, psychedelia and noise. Basically, it's a regular installment of UPT...what can we say - we've got a sound.

There will likely be some new Clark, new Actress, new Blanck Mass, new Adult., new Zeal & Ardor, much much more. It's looking like things might be on the more experimental side tonight, but we will have to touch on Chuck Berry's passing, right?

Oh yeah, we did watch Eat the Rich and Firestarter over the weekend, so we might be feeling a little anti-establishment throughout the evening or maybe even a little paranoid. Who knows...

Tune into UPT only on AshevilleFM via 103.3 FM locally or www.ashevillefm.org streaming to the world and find out what happens. 7-10 Eastern every Monday night.

Come and try a small bite - you might be hooked.

Mar. 12 2017

I mean, really, can you say no to a cute face like that?

What does that have to do with the show? Nothing.

Tonight we'll spin a bunch of new tracks, take a spin through some of the darker electronics of yesterday and today, and oh yes, celebrate 25 years of BritPop.

Assuming the gout flare up continues to abate, Jaybird and Juliet will be bringing you another fantastic installment of UPT. If not, Jaybird might be cranky. Either way, tune in live Monday Night - 7-10 Eastern - only on AshevilleFM at 103.3 FM locally or via ashevillefm.org - streaming to the world.

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