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Psychedelic Electronic Experimental Outsider & Noise

Join us for a live musical voyage each Monday night as Jaybird and Juliet take you to the outer limits of sound. We've got a heavy focus on new music, but we don't ignore the classics. You never know what sounds are ahead and we guarantee that no two shows are ever the same.

Is it music? Is it noise? Is it junk?

No, It's UPT!

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Uncorrected Personality Traits's Blog

Feb. 19 2017

Well, all good things have to come to an end, don't they. My retirement is over and by the time you hear me on the air with the Mrs, I'll have worked my first day at a new job.

Does that mean anything to the show - we'll see. Will I be tired? Will I be slaphappy? Will I only play 40 minute experimental noise tracks?* Tune in and find out.

There will definitely be some new music from Animal Collective and King Gizzard & the Wizard Lizard. Beyond that - who knows. Listen live 7-10pm Eastern only on AshevilleFM.org at 103.3 locally and www.ashevillefm.org - streaming to the world.

Turn it on, break the tuner knob off, and turn it up.

- Jaybird

* (Answers: Probably, almost certainly, probably not.)

Feb. 13 2017

Jaybird's got his voice back & Juliet is already sick of it, lots of new music demands your attention, and the world is still in chaos.

Come in from that noise, and enjoy this noise.

Tonight 7 to 10 Eastern - Uncorrected Personality Traits. Only on AshevilleFM at 103.3 FM locally and AshevilleFM.org streaming to the world.

Look at this. Look at that. Look at that. Look at that.

Feb. 6 2017

So last week it was Juliet's turn to be under the weather. She gave it to Jaybird and it's been with him ever since. So now, on day 7, Jaybird's had just about enough of this illness. Unfortunately, apparently he gets no say.

Juliet will be the sole voice of the operations tonight, while UPT hangs by a precious thread of sanity. Fever dreams may rise to reality and strangeness will likely occur.

Washing of hands will be mandatory and Jaybird will be steering clear of the mic. Just because he's been down in bed for a large portion of the week doesn't mean the new music stopped. As Mr. Mercury once said - The Show Must Go On!

Expect lots of new music, less banter than usual, and a perhaps a few angry vomits of sound to scare off the cold.

Listen to the sick edition of UPT tonight 7-10 Eastern only on AshevilleFM at 103.3 FM locally and AshevilleFM.org streaming to the world.

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