Music DepartmentMusic Department


Music Director: Jaybird Clawson
Assistant MD: Devyn Marzuola

Jazz Director: Jonathan Price
Experimental Director: Gary Strasburg
New World Director: PFunk
RPM Director: Jay Clawson

The Music Department at AshevilleFM is dedicated to bringing our community a wide range of sound and rhythm from all over the globe. We work directly with artists, labels, promoters and distributors to keep our music programming fresh, and to keep our area inspired. DJs curate their own shows, from free-form eclecticism to genre explorations, based on what's new and what's timeless to their tastes. Unlike a lot of radio, AshevilleFM is non-profit and non-corporate; no one ever tells us what to play. It's all from our hearts and minds to yours.

Check out our weekly charts for a reflection of the freshest sounds around, played by DJs with open ears and adventurous minds.

Want your music to be played on AshevilleFM? Send a CD and bio to: AshevilleFM c/o Music Department, 864 Haywood Rd, Suite 101, Asheville, NC, 28806. Please include a tracklist and any FCC-related info. (We don't mind if you swear, but edits will get more play on the air!) If you'd rather send a digital version of your music, send it to us via

Wanna be a DJ and play the music that you love on the air? Consider becoming a Volunteer via the link at the top of the page!


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