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Wordplay every week features poets and writers of creative prose in
performance, and in conversation about their craft and ideas. Our
guests have included Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winners
and high school students; writers who are household names (in
households that read, at least), and writers who have only begun the
process of interaction and publication that leads to recognition;
formalists and performance poets - all working to keep language alive
and real.


WordPlay's Blog

Nov. 10 2014
Rose McLarney reading at NC Stage

Yesterday's Wordplay Radio featured Rose McLarney! Her most recent collection of poems, Its Day Being Gone, won the National Poetry Series award and was published by Penguin this past spring. She launched it in Asheville with a reading at NC Stage for the Altamont Poetry Series.

It's streaming this week from the program page here at AshevilleFM (www.ashevillefm.org/wordplay.)

Oct. 7 2014
Elaine Bleakney, author of For Another Writing Back

This week's Wordplay featured Elaine Bleakney sharing the striking work from her first full collection, For Another Writing Back. Listen, and you'll hear her explore the world as present, and present in memory, in prose crafted as carefully as any poem.

Elaine has also published a chapbook, 20 Paintings by Laura Owens, and her poetry and prose have appeared in At Length, American Poetry Review, Verse Daily, and other publications. Before she settled in Asheville, she lived in Arizona and Honolulu, Hawaii.

May. 18 2010
Charles Olson

Maybe so! At least for the CD player in Studio A. It freaked out Sunday and cut short the first three tracks I tried to play from Olson's Maximus Poems. Fortunately, most of the material I'd intended to use for the show was available from the great PennSound website, so I was able to go online and stream the poems I'd programmed. Of course, I'd also planned to use three poems that weren't on PennSound, my own edits from Fred Wah's recording of the 1963 Vancouver Poetry Conference, and, sure enough, the CD player worked fine for them. Go figure. 

The glitches did mean that I couldn't include the "Maximus From Dogtown IV" I had on the playlist, but I'll edit it in when I post the show to the WordPlay archive on ibiblio, as well as the tracks the player truncated.

For a catalog of that Archive, check out Natures (http://naturespoetry.blogspot.com).

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