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Sound Collage

'Words to Live By' is a collage of interview segments, music and fiction.

While the first series revolved around idioms and expressions, and later, stories, your host is now on the move. The show capitulates travels around the world, the sounds heard in different spaces, and talks with interesting people along the way.

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Feb. 18 2017

This week on 'Words to Live By,' speaking with co founder of Circle Forward, Michelle Smith, on how we make decisions together.


After speaking with several visionary sci-fi writers about how the world could look, now asking local folks what they think. But of course, as Adam Curtis warns, gotta remember what the vision is we're organizing around. . . .

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Feb. 11 2017

After months of recording folks abroad, your host has made it back to the States, shook off some culture shock and is looking for ways to channel anger running amok .

To make the world what you want it, you first need an idea of what that world looks like. On 'Words to Live By,' Sunday, February 12th, your host finds a piece of futuristic technology and talks with visionary sci-fi writers, Starhawk and Tara Betts.

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More info on Starhawk:

More info on Tara Betts:

On Octavia’s Brood visionary sci-fi:

'I Am Not Your Negro' playing at the Grail Moviehouse in Asheville Feb 17th:

Feb. 5 2017

Flights across the world. . . . provided we're not turned away at the airport in the States. In the meantime, the sounds of two places merge on common themes: Hospitality, Honor, Tea and cast iron baked non sweet Cornbread. Jetlag dreaming. Listen to 'Words to Live By' on Sunday, February 5th, Noon-1pm (EST).

A look at how they are surprisingly similar. . . . honor, hospitality, sweet tea, cornbread, racism, nationalism, sexism and an erosion of democracy.


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