Words To Live By

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Sound Collage

'Words to Live By' is a collage of interview segments, music and fiction.

While the first series revolved around idioms and expressions, and later, stories, your host is now on the move. The show capitulates travels around the world, the sounds heard in different spaces, and talks with interesting people along the way.

If you would like to contact 'Words to Live By' send an email to andrewr@ashevillefm.org.


Words To Live By's Blog

Mar. 26 2017

Words to Live By looks at anchor businesses, local business models in place of corporations, grass roots reparations and the gurggling words of an infant brew.

Noon-1pm (EST) Sunday


Mar. 22 2017

Guest hosting again, Andrew will explore 3 branches of string instrument families this Wednesday on Musical Migrations: Harps, Zithers and Lutes. Come check it out, 1-4pm on Asheville FM.

Mar. 19 2017

A convivial connection with the C.C.C.H, Ashevillage and Cal-Earth. Conversations, music and fiction regarding earth building and transforming spaces.

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